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KORE Acquires Integron


KORE significantly expands its footprint in IoT solutions and managed services; further solidifies its position as the largest global, independent provider of solutions for the largest and most complex IoT solutions around the globe.

KORE has announced the acquisition of Integron, an industry-leading IoT solutions and managed services provider and an IoT technology enabler focused on highly regulated industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences. 

Keep reading for answers to commonly asked questions regarding this acquisition.

Read the Press Release   Visit Integron Website


Why has KORE acquired Integron?

The KORE mission is clear: to simplify the complexities of IoT and help our clients deploy, manage, and scale their mission-critical IoT solutions.

We are relentless in the pursuit of that mission. This acquisition is a crucial step that serves to accelerate our scale and credentials.

Integron is one of the most well respected companies in IoT and brings with it such a great depth of expertise, allowing us to serve more customers in key markets such as Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Life Sciences. Their portfolio allows us to provide more solutions, including connected health, telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and technology-enabled clinical trials, to our clients.

In addition, it will distinguish us as an end-to-end IoT services provider with an ISO and FDA certified facility capable of processing large volumes for IoT deployments.

What is the strategic rationale?

Below is an outline of our strategic rationale:

  1. Strategically expands KORE IoT Managed Services and IoT Solutions portfolio at scale
  2. Adds strategic capability of providing end-to-end managed services through an FDA and ISO certified production facility
  3. Enables a key capability of asset management which could be extended to KORE clients
  4. Establishes KORE as a leader in the Healthcare, Pharma and Life Sciences verticals, an area of focus in our GTM strategy
  5. Adds a strong, experienced management team along with key SMEs and a high-performance team

Why Integron?

Integron, founded in 1985, with offices in Rochester, NY and the Netherlands, has experienced rapid growth in recent years due to its position as an IoT technology enabler within highly regulated industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences.

Integron had developed IoT solutions and managed services capabilities at scale along with key solutions related to IoT-enabled clinical trials and remote patient monitoring which were quite attractive to KORE.

The combined entity will leverage best-in-class connectivity, managed services, and asset/device management tools to bring unparalleled simplicity and speed to IoT solution deployments. This acquisition builds on recent momentum for KORE in delivering value-added IoT solutions as part of a focused portfolio: Connectivity, Solutions, Analytics.

What value will the acquisition bring to existing KORE customers?

The combined strength of two market-leading companies and their people, products, and technology will create the best IoT managed services company which could be leveraged by our existing clients to deploy, manage and scale their IoT solutions.

What value will the acquisition bring to Integron customers?

KORE can make our considerable financial and technological resources available to Integron’s customer base and new prospects. We will also continue to invest in product R&D which will yield new functionality and best-in-class solutions for all customers.

KORE also brings complementary capabilities including connectivity and carrier management, network and security management, eSIM, MVNE services, application management, data-as-a-service, endpoint lifecycle management, and reporting and analytics, which will make a robust new solution set available for Integron customers.

What are the companies’ current offerings?

KORE offers a comprehensive portfolio of IoT management capabilities including IoT strategy and readiness, connectivity and carrier management, application management and data-as-a-service, network and security management, reporting and analytics, and endpoint lifecycle management to more than 6,000 customers across the globe.

With the addition of Integron’s IoT solutions and managed services capabilities, KORE will offer a portfolio of Connectivity, Solutions and Analytics including IoT-enabled clinical trials and remote patient monitoring.

Will Integron be a subsidiary or will it be rolled into the broader KORE organization?

While the name will continue on separately for the near future, the organization and its offerings will be fully integrated into KORE.