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Supporting CDMA Service Applications

KORE supports CDMA service applications using the largest, most reliable CDMA networks covering all of North America. Our CDMA service is designed to support ASPs who have selected KORE CDMA as a fast, flexible and M2M optimized service solution, yet using all the KORE service benefits of time to market, self-management platforms and direct support on the most reliable underlying networks.

Partnering with CDMA Application Providers

Due to the misperception of cost-effective devices from leading OEMs and of limited network availability of CDMA, applications providers have historically been reluctant to develop CDMA solutions. Many are now taking advantage of the particular advantages of CDMA technology, including faster network operation with lower latency – for applications such as security monitoring – to simpler integration of applications in certain legacy markets where IP access may be maintained for long periods. ASP's are now developing and selling these CDMA service applications, knowing that ubiquitous North American network access is available to them, whatever their needs.

CDMA Service leverages KORE PRiSMPro platform services and expertise, and gets customers live on the network in only a matter of days.

CDMA Service is provided throughout the United States with seamless support throughout Canada, Mexico and many Caribbean markets.

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