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EDGE Wireless Data Service Performance

KORE supports multiple wireless technologies to provide standards based packet data achieving GPRS, HSPA and enhanced data rates for GSM evolution (EDGE) wireless data service performance. KORE IP (Internet Protocol) services allow for the transmission of data using either TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or UDP (User Datagram Protocol) transport protocols. Customers can communicate with a device using a publicly accessible server if device's address is a public URL or a specific IP address. Alternatively, using KORE VPN services, customers can route traffic securely over a secure VPN connection to private application servers.

EDGE Wireless Network Technologies

With real data rates between 90 kbps and 120 kbps, EDGE wireless network technologies significantly outperforms other coast-to-coast coverage wireless networks today. Importantly, KORE provides EDGE wireless data service performance throughout North America, and in a number of overseas markets. And, if those networks do not support EDGE data rate, devices will still provide service on the underlying GPRS service structure, transparently to the application. KORE only charges for used throughput, not connect time or setup packets.

Using GSM Networks in the USA, Canada and most other countries supporting GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless networks, the KORE GPRS and EDGE services include network authentication, private dynamic IP assignment, DNS resolution and Internet termination of data traffic.

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