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GPRS Secure Technology Platform

KORE supports multiple wireless technologies to provide standards based packet data including EDGE, HSPA and GPRS secure technology platform services. KORE IP (Internet Protocol) services allow for the transmission of data using either TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or UDP (User Datagram Protocol) transport protocols. Customers can communicate with a device using a publicly accessible server if device's address is a public URL or a specific IP address. Alternatively, using KORE VPN services, customers can route traffic securely over a secure VPN connection to private application servers.

KORE: A Leading GPRS Wireless Service Provider

The KORE GPRS secure technology platform service provides the wireless transport for services and applications that use IP protocols over the Internet. Through our GPRS wireless service provider, data may be transmitted at speeds up to 115 kbps, although this is generally restricted by device design and is more typically in the 30-40 kbps range.

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