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LTE Services

M2M Network Technologies: LTE Services

As bandwidth hungry M2M applications proliferate and network operators continue to invest in the next generation technologies, solution providers are turning to Long-Term Evolution (LTE) services to connect many diverse applications.

LTE is already powering M2M new and diverse applications, including:

  1. Wire line or Router Back-up
  2. Business Continuity
  3. Digital Signage
  4. Vending
  5. Security

Market Factors

LTE is being adopted by 95% of the world’s wireless operators, led by North American availability. Why? It is fast becoming ubiquitous and it is affordable to replace fixed line applications and power innovation. Cost of devices are rapidly closing in on parity with 3G device costs, while global interoperability is well under way.

KORE is now delivering LTE services to application solution providers who are typically deploying fixed or mobile solutions that stay in confined, pre-determined locations. Use of real-time video technology in a security application, for example, requires the bandwidth that LTE services can provide affordably.


LTE performance can reach speeds up to ten times 3G speeds yielding 10Mbps and peaking at 20Mbps in certain use-cases. For an application that needs to process and share large files, such as business continuity or router back-up, this performance is a difference-maker.


Most LTE modules have multiple bands and can fall back to 3G if LTE connectivity is not available. KORE has long standing relationships with the leading device and module (modem) manufacturers and can put you in touch with both manufacturing and distribution partners who can help you source the right hardware for your solution. KORE also offers device certification services.

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