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Satellite M2M Services Offer Truly Global Connectivity Regardless of Device Location

KORE, in partnership with Iridium – the leader in low-Earth orbit mobile satellite services – has enhanced its IoT service offering to provide global M2M satellite services. With 100% global coverage, companies can utilize the low-latency, M2M service they need to compete in the global economy and manage IoT solutions. Our satellite M2M service enables two-way data messages to be sent and received anywhere in the world, typically in less than 60 seconds.

KORE’S Satellite M2M Service Highlights and Features

With KORE, you get a single global provider for both cellular M2M network services and low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite services with the lowest latency and the widest coverage in the industry. Our satellite M2M service offers:

  • 100% worldwide coverage with redundant satellite communication architecture. This ensures quality of service with two-way technology design and message delivery confirmation, making KORE’s satellite M2M service the most reliable one available.
  • Support for dual mode satellite and cellular technology for hybrid M2M applications requiring global coverage.
  • Management of all of your devices across the globe with one single satellite device management interface – PRiSMPro – available via API or secure web portal.
  • Simple, flexible pricing plans that allow customers to augment cellular M2M network services with satellite data plans or satellite-only service plans that will support least-cost routing of dual mode devices.
  • True global connectivity and support from one source – KORE.
  • Worldwide services with one single agreement.
  • Optimal network services for 340-byte mobile originated and 270 character byte mobile terminated messages.
  • Low-latency data links.
  • Single radio with uniform global performance.
  • Use of Over-The-Air (OTA) updates via cellular networks for satellite devices, which typically cannot be achieved via satellite due to file size and other limitations.
  • Short Burst Data (SBD) delivery, which supports a number of powerful and economical M2M devices and is designed for integration into wireless data applications with other host system hardware and software.

KORE’s satellite device management solutions are also cost-effective. Our satellite M2M service is available as a single or dual mode service option. Customers can select satellite-only services or enhanced service plans that include cellular network services. With dual mode services, when a device connects via the KORE network, it transmits using least-cost routing based on coverage and application usage requirements. In addition, satellite-only solutions typically increase costs for more bandwidth, and they require larger equipment. However, the KORE Satellite M2M Service provides truly mobile communications capability in a relatively small device footprint and antenna.

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