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2G and 3G Sunsets: Benefits of Migrating to LTE and Beyond

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The imminent 2G and 3G sunsets have businesses planning their migration to 4G LTE network technology and beyond. A significant number of companies still depend on 2G and 3G devices for business-critical applications, and those devices will soon be obsolete. While avoiding the costly disruptions of not migrating in time for the eventual network shutdowns is a primary concern, there are many other benefits of making the switch to LTE now.

The global LTE IoT market size is predicted to grow from $800 million in 2018 to $2800 million by 2023, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.4% according to Markets and Markets. Some of this forecasted growth can be attributed to the rollout of newer LTE IoT technologies, including LTE-M and NB-IoT.

Future-Proof Connectivity

Having access to a full suite of LTE solutions spanning a range of SIM card and IoT network technologies can help ensure long-term connectivity and future-proof a company’s IoT applications. 

After migrating to LTE, businesses have a solution built for today and tomorrow that can support new and emerging applications. When LTE is combined with eSIM technology, companies are ensuring connectivity throughout the entire lifecycle of their IoT devices. KORE provides a carrier-independent over-the-air (OTA) platform that fully transfers services without needing to physically swap SIM cards, resulting in connectivity that is always on.

Reducing Expenses

With LPWA LTE technologies, businesses can reduce cellular module costs and lower their device unit expenses. An additional benefit is not having to worry about migrating again for years to come.

While migrating IoT devices is a costly and time-consuming process, partnering with a trusted IoT expert like KORE helps reduce the cost of migration. This is made possible through strong relationships with carriers and manufacturers, and those savings get passed along to customers. The LTE Savings Calculator is a tool used to estimate a company’s potential migration savings by partnering with KORE.

Better Coverage and Security

Consumer demand has driven more efficient LTE technologies that can facilitate the high-bandwidth needs of users. While it may seem as though LTE and even 5G connectivity are too robust for many IoT applications, low-power LTE technologies are a low-cost option for IoT that maximize battery life and data usage.  

LTE networks provide indoor and outdoor coverage in previously unreachable locations along with end-to-end secure connectivity and support for user authentication. The enhanced speed, bandwidth, and security of new network technologies allow businesses to focus on evolving and expanding their solutions.

Making Network Migration Easy

Businesses who begin LTE migration early enjoy increased flexibility for implementing the approach that’s best for their business. KORE has an expert team to help enterprises get ahead of the 2G and 3G sunsets and experience the benefits of migrating to LTE technology.

Download our eBook, “The Definitive Guide to Network Shutdowns,” to help you plan your strategy for LTE migration and avoid service disruptions due to 2G and 3G sunsets.

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