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A View From The Top: A Point Of View On IoT

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We recently discussed challenges preventing organizations from realizing the many benefits that IoT can offer. Many of these challenges stem from the fact that it is difficult for most businesses to successfully address the numerous components necessary to launch, maintain, and scale IoT deployments. Managing multiple solution providers – who may have conflicting or biased recommendations – can further impede ROI through IoT.

From our perspective, the IoT market is rapidly moving toward a single source provider model where organizations work with one key IoT partner to assist with every stage of an IoT solution lifecycle. To maximize return on IoT investments, organizations will be looking for partners to offer the following IoT capabilities:

  • IoT strategy and readiness: This requires deep IoT knowledge, experience, and global reach to help envision and deliver complete IoT management capabilities. Increased return on IoT investments means developing a comprehensive strategy and understanding organizational readiness to improve business outcomes.
  • IoT application management and data as a service (DaaS): Business and technology application enablement services, supported by a broad IoT ecosystem, is a growing need. Location-based services (LBS) deliver robust tracking and asset management capabilities. Extracting multiple data elements from internal systems and external access points across the globe help inform insight-driven business decisions. Additionally, advanced visibility into IoT data enables businesses to make predictive decisions that drive project ROI.
  • Reporting and analytics: Through integrated IoT systems, businesses can capture and harness data surrounding key business metrics, including network status, asset health, job efficiency, and operator compliance. By helping organizations understand data traffic and usage patterns, they can proactively assess the value of IoT delivery.
  • Connectivity and carrier management: There is a clear demand for agnostic, independent service delivery that can provide global connectivity coverage and a broad range of technologies, such as cellular, satellite, and LPWA, for mobile data. There is also a great demand for eSIM management technologies to come to fruition, as well as leadership and innovation on the forefront of evolving Soft SIM and iSIM solutions.
  • Network and IoT security management: Enhanced control of IoT data traffic and device connectivity improves application manageability, performance, and security. Capabilities should include an IoT Cloud that is purpose-built for IoT with  global reach, designed from the ground up to meet the highest standards of security and availability. Rapid-Setup VPN services should be used to allow companies to extend their LAN into the IoT Cloud and enable end-to-end encryption of all in-flight data traffic.
  • Endpoint lifecycle management and managed services: Businesses are demanding partners that offer a broad range of professional and managed services for end-to-end assistance with IoT deployments. This includes support through the deployment, operational, and sustainment phases to assist with lifecycle management of their IoT solution and endpoint technologies – from procurement through activation of edge devices, and beyond – to end-of-life disposition service options. This ensures IoT endpoints are maintained, issues are quickly addressed, and advanced exchange and replacement capabilities are in place to protect customer ROI.


The growth, and ultimate success, of IoT applications and innovation is directly related to organizations focusing solely on their core business competencies. Leaving the complex and nuanced aspects of IoT deployments – such as infrastructure and maintenance - to a single, trusted advisor that specializes in these disciplines empowers businesses to maximize returns of their IoT investments.   

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