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Benefits of 5G for Business Continuity

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With many companies shifting to remote work for their employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, ensuring business continuity has become a top priority for employers. IoT business continuity solutions enable companies to get connected and stay connected with options like cellular as a primary network, wireless failover, and backup internet connections.

As 5G quickly becomes the new standard and the future of IoT, companies are beginning to realize the benefits of 5G connectivity across all IoT use cases, including for business continuity solutions.

Power and Speed

With security and bandwidth issues plaguing a remote workforce, home WiFi networks and personal hotspots aren’t getting the job done. They definitely do not provide the robust connectivity needed for multiple users to access VOIP and video conferencing simultaneously. That’s why it’s necessary to have a backup connectivity solution in place for when something goes wrong with the primary connection, or even simply when more bandwidth is needed. 5G is the high-power, high-speed, low-latency connectivity choice for large, high-velocity data transmission to support a productive remote workforce.


Mission-critical IoT solutions, such as those for business continuity, are just beginning to adopt 5G. Its reliable connectivity means remote work can be easily powered by virtual private networks. When choosing a business continuity solution, it is critical to have a powerful, reliable wireless failover solution. With the rollout of a new network generation, it is prudent to select a future-proof solution that is 5G ready.

Future-Proof Connectivity

As 2G and 3G networks are sunsetting across all major carriers, businesses using those network technologies are having to upgrade their IoT solutions. For those already on 4G LTE networks, the good news is that the new 5G standard was not defined with the intent of erasing 4G and the cellular technologies supported by it. Instead, the two connectivity options will work in tandem, and the backward compatibility design of 5G will ensure relatively seamless device migrations and network transitions.

5G-Ready Business Continuity

With routers ready for the power and speed of 5G, KORE and Cradlepoint have a future-proof solution to keep operations running seamlessly, no matter what or where. The KORE Business Connection solution provides 5G-ready business continuity to help companies avoid network outages and focus on productivity, customer service, and profits.

Watch the on-demand webinar, "Best Practices in Business Continuity: Getting the Most out of your Tools," to view live demonstrations and best practices for using business continuity tools.

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