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Critical Asset Monitoring: Real-time Visibility Improves Customer Satisfaction for Leading Device Manufacturer

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Today’s logistics and supply chain managers face more challenges than ever before. Demand for on-time shipments has increased as the global COVID-19 pandemic keeps people and businesses apart. In the current climate, supply chain issues like stolen, lost, or damaged goods can have a detrimental effect on a company’s reputation, and ultimately, its bottom line.

A leading manufacturer of medical devices and laboratory equipment anticipated how such issues could impact their ability to provide demo instrumentation, fulfill repair orders, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Lack of Real-Time Visibility

With a large number of high-value sensitive instruments in the field, a leading device manufacturer realized the need for a proactive approach to mitigating inventory disruption and delayed order fulfillment due to a lack of visibility. It was apparent that without real-time, actionable insight into the location and condition of the equipment, the customer experience would suffer as damaged equipment sits with customers for extended periods of time.

IoT-enabled Critical Asset Monitoring

To fulfill its need for real-time visibility, location tracking, and condition monitoring, the company engaged in a proof-of-concept for IoT-enabled critical asset monitoring. Critical Asset Monitoring is an advanced, comprehensive solution to visualize and mitigate the risks associated with global, multi-modal supply chain operations.

The Critical Asset Monitoring solution includes hardware, communications, cloud analytics, and reporting tools as a service. Companies can readily view the conditions of the asset in transportation and get immediate notification of risks that might jeopardize the quality, integrity, and security of the product. 

Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

With complete visibility of equipment position, condition, and ETA, the company saw an increase of available instruments in stock and a decrease in turnaround time, which together resulted in an improved overall customer experience. The implementation of the Critical Asset Monitoring solution proved to facilitate communication and follow-up with customers.

This global leader in medical instrumentation was able to use the actionable insights from Critical Asset Monitoring to improve operational efficiency through process optimization and risk mitigation. Not only does operational efficiency result in happier customers, but it also reduces operational costs and improves ROI.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Solution

With nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE simplifies the complexity of IoT with global IoT management and expertise. KORE enables supply chain IoT with a comprehensive solution for tracking, monitoring, actionable data, and managed services for medical, pharmaceutical, and sensitive assets.

Download the case study, “Critical Asset Monitoring Increases Visibility, Improves Operational Efficiency for Global Leader in Medical Instrumentation” to learn more about how KORE helped improve operational efficiency, process optimization, and customer satisfaction for a global leader in medical instrumentation.


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