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Global IoT Expansion Simplified

3 minute read

In today’s business climate, having an international presence is necessary for many organizations to remain competitive. Doing so requires the right solutions and support to ensure business practices align with the standards and practices of each geography in which a company operates. For organizations deploying cross-border IoT applications, this is especially true, as there are any number of network management-related challenges that must be considered to avoid any disruption of service.

For example, a U.S.-based fleet management company that KORE now partners with was moving forward with expansion of delivery services outside of the country. It became clear that the complex processes associated with managing the varied network technologies and carrier relationships to ensure the necessary performance and coverage in multiple geographies was taking an inordinate amount of valuable time.

Our mission was to help the company gain control of their network management and relationship challenges, simplify processes, reduce risk, and allow decision makers to focus on other areas that would help make the expansion a success. In addition, it was critical that any solution should be scalable to facilitate future expansion.

As a result of expertise and solutions from KORE, the company was able to quickly implement a platform to effectively manage, monitor, and control their IoT network connections through:

  • Real-time provisioning to nine SIM lifecycle states, including pre-billing states, active and suspended states, as well as inactive and terminated states
  • Data visualization and reporting to enable a number of customizable dashboards
  • Real-time usage monitoring for individual and pooled accumulation amounts with rules-based actions including suspending, deactivating, or changing the rate plan of subscription
  • Diagnostics that provide real-time status of individual subscriptions using deep core element queries and related meta-data information, such as session status
  • API library that allows users to integrate functionality directly into the applications of their choosing
  • Network traffic monitoring that targets both cost management and fraud protection

The fleet management company is now positioned to rapidly access the views and actions they need to efficiently manage multiple carriers, deploy or deactivate IoT devices, identify billing overages and unnecessary costs, diagnose and resolve connection issues in real-time, and more.

Since first partnering with KORE, the company has continued to expand into additional countries, and its IoT application has scaled with the growth. While international expansion may have its obstacles, managing IoT applications in different countries does not have to be one of them. With the right partnership, it can be easier than you imagine.

Learn how KORE can work with your organization to ensure a smooth transition into new locations across the globe.

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