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How Business Continuity Solutions Can Help You Survive A Network Failure

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Network service interruptions are unpredictable and costly, often having a catastrophic effect on businesses. One study even estimates the cost of network downtime to be a staggering $26.5 billion.

Network outages can be caused by a number of incidents, including IT errors, planned maintenance, construction, cybersecurity hacks, and natural disasters. Regardless of their cause, network failures almost always have a negative impact on business operations, resulting in payment processing downtime, loss of productivity, lapses in backup of critical data, customer dissatisfaction, and more.

So how can companies protect themselves from costly outages and network failures? Business continuity solutions powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) can help keep businesses moving by increasing uptime and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.  

Reliable Wireless Networks

Wireless technologies are increasingly being used as the primary internet connection for sharing data with remote sites and IoT devices. Business continuity solutions, such as routers and gateways bundled with 4G LTE cellular connectivity, deliver primary Internet connections in a cost-effective, reliable manner — avoiding the types of network failures that are common with standard wired connections.

Continuous Business Operations

In the event of a network failure, business continuity solutions can failover to 4G LTE connectivity right away, ensuring uninterrupted business operations with backup wireless internet connections. Immediate failover capabilities allow remote access to critical network components and continuous communications.

Connectivity Made Simple

Connecting offices and IoT devices is made easy with pre-integrated components such as routers, gateways, and 4G LTE connectivity, streamlining implementation to keep businesses up and running efficiently. Business continuity solutions with management platforms allow remote device management to further streamline deployments.  

Comprehensive Business Continuity Solutions

Business owners understand that network disruptions are inevitable, but ensuring success means having a plan for how to handle the periodic loss of internet connectivity. Business continuity solutions, such as wireless failover, ensure continuous operations by protecting from costly network outages and improving network availability.

In the event of a primary internet outage, KORE Business Continuity solutions can help your business survive by failing over right away to 4G LTE cellular networks and backup wireless internet connections. Comprehensive offerings bundle together cellular-enabled routers with connectivity so that when a wired connection fails, cellular data keeps you up and running.

To learn more about leveraging the tools available with the KORE Business Connect solution, view the on-demand webinar “Best Practices in Business Continuity: Getting the Most out of Your Tools.”

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