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How to Simplify IoT? Start with One

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The complexity of IoT has long been a primary barrier to adoption for businesses. IoT technology is rapidly evolving, and as the choices for connectivity, hardware, and platforms proliferate, companies looking to deploy IoT solutions can get lost trying to navigate the seemingly endless options.

Although IoT adoption is growing rapidly, nearly three-quarters of all IoT projects started will not be considered successful by the organizations using them according to a report from Beecham Research. While there are many reasons that IoT projects fail, most of them can be attributed to the inherent complexity of sourcing, connecting, and deploying devices around the globe.

Start with One Strategy

Most companies know the what and where of their IoT solutions, but the biggest challenge is often the how. Connecting the dots between getting devices delivered, connected, and supported requires the behind-the-scenes support of a strategic partner for the most advanced, seamless IoT solution.

IoT managed services providers help with the entire lifecycle of IoT deployments, including solution design, strategy, and security. Trusted, expert IoT advisors can help implement an IoT strategy from the outset to help contain costs and ensure a successful, scalable deployment.

Start with One Expert Partner

It’s pretty well understood that partnering with an expert IoT enabler can help ensure the success of IoT initiatives, but selecting the right partner is just as important and the decision to work with one.

When selecting a partner, it’s important to look for a provider with experience and a proven expertise in a company’s vertical market, whether that’s fleet management, connected health, asset monitoring, industrial, or any other industry. Additionally, ensuring your partner has the appropriate credentials, certifications, and registrations to remain regulatory compliant — such as ISO 9001/13485 certification, FDA registration, HIPAA compliant, and more — will also help ensure your deployment runs smoothly.

Start with One Deployment

IoT deployment can be challenging, but they're also just the beginning of an IoT project. Managing and scaling an IoT solution can be difficult as well. The right partner should walk businesses through all the necessary steps to ensure that their solution design will bring their IoT initiative to market faster, all while providing fully compliant and registered managed services for optimization.  

Without the means to get connected devices out of the warehouse and into the field quickly and efficiently, an IoT project may never get deployed. To bring a global IoT solution to market quickly and seamlessly, KORE offers deployment services and forward logistics to ensure an IoT launch is optimized and successful.

Download the free eBook, “Comprehensive Guide to a Successful IoT Implementation,” to learn the seven key steps you need to consider before you start your IoT initiative.

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