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Integrated Solution Partners Simplify ELD Implementation

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In 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued the electronic logging device (ELD) rule — also known as the ELD mandate. The new rule, which goes into effect in December, requires those with a commercial driver’s license to keep a Record of Duty Status (RODS) using an ELD to record the information, replacing paper logs.

For many carriers, this is the first foray into this type of IoT-enabled technology, and many are learning that there is more to it than just a device to display RODS information; connectivity, cloud services, and support are all critical pieces to ensure a successful ELD launch. Finding the right partner for each of the necessary components and integrating them into a single solution before the December deadline is no easy task.

The good news, as we are now less than three months from the ELD mandate, is that select IoT partners are now bundling all the components carriers need to quickly and more easily equip fleets with the technology they need to be compliant. Instead of seeking out separate partners for each piece of the puzzle, carriers can now go through a single provider for everything they need.

This new trend not only saves time, but also reduces the bottom line. When looking for integrated solution partners for ELD implementation, make sure they are able to support your fleet’s unique needs. Your partner’s capabilities should yield:

  • Flexibility: Every ELD implementation is unique from carrier to carrier. It’s critical to be able to choose the carrier, rate plan, and hardware device that will allow them to address their own business requirements.
  • Simplified supply chain: Bundling options bring together highly complex technologies and services, from SIM cards, to equipment, to professional IT services. Should issues arise, communicating with the same partner ensures a faster fix and less downtime.
  • Ease of implementation and reduced time-to-market: Carriers looking to quickly install ELDs are requiring IoT partners to kit, test and provision their specific solutions, allowing for immediate, plug-and-play activation.
  • Continuous connectivity: Solutions delivered with 4G LTE connectivity and pre-installed applications provide carriers with a reliable, secure, and convenient way to support ELDs. Bundled services can provide a helpful solution to remain compliant with the ability to fold in device management and software security add-ins, making logistics simple for users.

With the ELD mandate around the corner, an integrated stream of services from a single partner can help get implementation up and running and have a favorable impact on the bottom line.


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