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Accessible Data Telemetry for Connected Health Solutions

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The market landscape for IoT-enabled healthcare has significantly expanded over the last nearly two years in light of the pandemic and a need to accelerate an existing digital transformation.

According to the HIMSS 2021 Future of Healthcare Report, 80 percent of surveyed health systems said they plan to increase their investment levels in digital health over the next five years. Three quarters of surveyed clinicians expect digital investments to increase over the same period of time, and 71 percent responded that they would continue using digital health tools after the pandemic.

The opportunity to enter the healthcare market, whether as a solution provider or OEM, is considerably broader than it was prior to the pandemic.

Opportunities to Join Connected Healthcare Market

There are specific key segments within connected health that are poised to see growth, both in bringing solutions and treatments to market faster, making healthcare more accessible, and potentially driving down cost of healthcare through patient advocacy, in-home recovery, and preventative measures.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM): This area of connected health mainly centers on chronic disease care, such as diabetes, cardiac disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (CPOD). Leveraging connected devices such as blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, and more, patients can take vital readings that can then be sent to providers for comprehensive monitoring.

Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs): Creating hybrid or fully remote clinical trials can help mitigate some of the largest challenges in patient trials, including patient participation, accurate data collection, and time to market. Patients can utilize connected devices and electronic diaries to reduce the amount of in-clinic time, hence supporting broader and more active participation. Relying on devices for data collection can support accuracy, which in turn can speed the time to market.

Medical equipment diagnostics: For OEMs wanting to create connected devices, having the ability to create solutions that are IoT-enabled can be a significant value-add. Remotely diagnosing issues helps cut down on internal costs and can help with overall performance of equipment no matter where it’s deployed.

Challenges in Connected Health

One of the greatest issues in connected health solutions is the data telemetry component. Trying to tie together an ecosystem that securely and reliably communicates data from patients or participants to providers through medical devices and sensors is difficult.
Oftentimes, connected health providers have to create their own in-house data telemetry solution, which is a large IT project and something that a solution provider or OEM doesn’t have a department with the level of expertise to do so.

Not only is this a difficulty to build from a technology perspective, but then providers are also required to tie in the rigorous regulatory compliances mandated in health solutions.
KORE Connected Health Telemetry Solution™.

This complexity in creating connected healthcare solutions or manufacturing devices is why KORE developed its Connected Health Telemetry Solution (CHTS), which enables customers to quickly incorporate the data telemetry component into their overall offering without having to dedicate resources, time, and costs of managing it in-house.

The KORE CHTS provides integrated device management, secure BLE pairing of medical sensors with a cellular gateway, and secure data routing to a compliant temporary data repository that easily integrates connected health data into customer applications.

Companies can now get help with hardware selection and validation, access to a robust suite of support medical devices and sensors, BLE pairing and device management, and network security that addresses cybersecurity issues and data telemetry, all under an umbrella of full regulatory compliance via KORE.

Learn More in a Live Webinar

KORE and partners Parexel and Actigraph will be hosting a live webinar “Data Insight from Connected Health Telemetry Solutions” on November 19 to discuss CHTS more comprehensively and why working with a compliant, expert partner can help create seamless product and solution launches. Register now!

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