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KORE and Queclink: Simplifying the Complexity of IoT-Enabled Fleet Management Solutions

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As demand for improved operational efficiency in logistics and transportation increases, it is driving significant growth in the fleet management industry. Researchers expect the fleet management market to exceed $55 billion by 2026. Other trends that are contributing to this growth are rising fuel costs, the need for fuel consumption management, vehicle wear and tear, and lack of fleet visibility.

Recent innovations in IoT-enabled fleet management technology are addressing this market need through solutions such as stolen vehicle recovery, predictive maintenance and field servicing, asset tracking and condition monitoring, and more. IoT-enabled fleet management solutions from industry leaders like KORE and Queclink are helping fleet managers gain the visibility they need to reduce costs and increase ROI. 

Strategic Partnership

From stolen vehicle recovery to tracking an entire fleet, KORE has strategic partnerships across the entire IoT landscape, providing the most comprehensive IoT-enabled solutions for fleet management service providers. KORE selected Queclink as a hardware partner of choice to offer fleet service providers a one-stop shop for sourcing fleet tracking devices and global connectivity. 

Queclink is a leading hardware provider that powers data analytics for more than 3,800 customers on more than 25 million devices around the world. They offer a robust device portfolio centered on 4G LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT for domestic markets with 2G fallback for global connectivity. Queclink’s products are certified with major mobile carriers providing customers the ability to quickly integrate and deploy devices in any market. Queclink has been proven in the market to deliver a reliable and scalable solution making them an ideal partner for a comprehensive IoT-enabled fleet management solution from KORE.

KORE Mobile Connect

KORE Mobile Connect is a bundled IoT-enabled solution that includes a tracker and cellular connectivity to enable fleet service providers with a fleet management solution for quick and easy deployments. Mobile Connect satisfies the demands of stolen vehicle recovery and fleet telematics and is ideal for use cases such as location tracking, route optimization, fuel management, buy here/pay here, fleet assets, and personal vehicles.

Best-in-class tracking devices from Queclink, paired with expert professional services and reliable, secure, and scalable connectivity from KORE, are bundled together to accelerate speed-to-market and streamline operations. As a single-source provider, KORE allows fleet service providers to focus on what is most important by enabling them to help their customers track whatever they need. KORE has strategic relationships in place to take the complexity out of IoT by providing a one-stop shop for hardware and connectivity services.

Get the datasheet to learn more about Mobile Connect and how KORE helps organizations with comprehensive, IoT-enabled fleet management offerings.

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