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Making IoT Data Work for You with Data-as-a-Service and Analytics

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Deploying IoT solutions has a wealth of benefits, much of which revolve around productivity, operational efficiency, increasing profits, and mitigating business challenges. One of the things IoT is particularly effective at is collecting data.

IoT without the ability to take data and create actionable insight isn’t going to drive the same aforementioned results, which is why it’s critical to consider the data processing and analytics side of IoT enablement.

What is Data-as-a-Service?

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) rose in popularity as a cloud-based solution that delivered applications to end-users over the network instead of having them run applications locally on their devices. DaaS essentially outsources most of data storage, integrations, and processing operations to the cloud.

For IoT in particular, the benefits of having a dedicated, outsourced data platform is threefold, the first is data integration, and the second is the ability to manage and store massive amounts of data. Both of these objectives are extremely important with IoT. A unified view into data coming from multiple sources through integration allows for a bigger picture to be seen. Management and storage of data outside of a traditional on-site location permits more plasticity and it can also be more cost effective.

But the third benefit of DaaS for IoT is the analytics arm. Without analytics, data collection through IoT doesn’t have much use. But analyzing data when it’s streaming in from hundreds or thousands of devices across an entire IoT ecosystem can be extremely challenging without the right tools in place.

The combination of integration, management, storage, and analytics through DaaS make it an excellent fit for IoT.

Advancing Analytics

Analytics and IoT work intelligently with data to produce those actionable insights that lead to productivity, efficiency, cost-savings, profit boosts, and mitigation of challenges. Quality data is a steppingstone to other functions of IoT, like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The algorithms that run these advanced data applications require massive amounts of quality data.

With the emergence of more artificial intelligence use cases from industry to enterprise, as well as machine learning, edge computing, and connectivity technologies enabling these capabilities, having the infrastructure to support these new technologies is important.

With a DaaS provider, advanced analytics capabilities can be built into existing DaaS solutions, including:

Data cleansing and normalization: Data cleansing detects and corrects corrupt or inaccurate records, from a table or database. Any data that is “dirty” or “coarse” will either be flagged, replaced, modified, or deleted depending on the rule-based actions set, if applicable.

Data replays: In additional to storage and retrieval, replays provide a stream of continuous snapshots that allows data to be replayed to aid in backup and recovery.

Data contextualization: Placing data in context by analyzing patterns, trends, and correlations helps end users interpret data in a useful way.

Data visualization: Building the ability to analyze data is data visualization, which is exactly as it sounds. Data is displayed in charts or graphs to help build context, establish patterns, and detect deviations.

Security and deep network monitoring using metadata: Metadata is essentially data about data, and it allows insight into the networks.

The KORE One IoT Platform for DaaS and Analytics

The KORE One IoT platform delivers best-in-class technology, tools, and services to enable innovation, business agility, and speed-to-market for long-term IoT success. Its open, modular, and scalable architecture provides a future-proof foundation for services and solutions to deploy, manage, and scale solutions quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. KORE One is designed to offer unrivalled flexibility and accelerate speed-to-market for IoT solutions across industries. Because of this platform, KORE can provide DaaS for customers’ data, normalized and enriched, securely from their devices.

Want to learn more about the convergence of deep analytics and artificial intelligence via IoT? Check out this on-demand webinar featuring KORE expert Marco Bijvelds, "Beyond Consumer Hype: 5G Powers Massive IoT Growth" at IoT Days Winter 2021.

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