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KORE Named in "Top 10 Field Service Solution Providers 2019" by CIO Applications Europe

KORE is pleased to announce that CIO Applications Europe has just named us as one of the Top 10 Field Service Solution Providers – 2019. CIO Applications Europe is one of the most sought after magazines in Pan-Europe, as it has transformed into a leading media brand with a unique editorial focus on bring light to the core innovations in technology. To help organizations navigate the field service landscape, CIO Applications Europe has compiled a shortlist of 10 field service providers – including KORE – that have been vetted via a group of CIO’s, VC’s, industry analysts, and members of CIO Applications Europe editorial panel.

Although field services have long been defined by manual record keeping and operational processes, the advent of the Internet of Things and other related technologies have enabled organizations to benefit from connected, intelligent devices and unforeseen levels of field service automation. An enabler of IoT solutions, KORE has built upon its strong foundation in network connectivity to expand our arsenal of tools, thus enabling us to develop comprehensive, turnkey field servicing solutions for our customers.

Serving Field Service organizations across various industries – including healthcare, industrial, and construction to name a few – KORE is uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive solutions for field service enablement. These offerings can include any combination of secure, global, managed connectivity, iOS or Android-based tablets and smartphones, advanced Location-Based Services (LBS), as well as a full suite of professional and managed services, enabling businesses to streamline their IoT-enabled field service deployment, accelerate speed-to-market, and ultimately maximize returns on IoT investments.  

Check out the full article from CIO Applications Europe to learn more about:

  • The evolving field services landscape
  • KORE’s background in field servicing solutions
  • Real-life examples of where KORE has delivered field servicing solutions for customers

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