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Exclusive Gartner Research Report: Innovation and Insight for 5G Networking – Cutting Through the Hype

There is no shortage of rumors, informal announcements, and opinions floating around the market that are focused on 5G technologies and the impact they will have on the world of mobility, a trend that can make it challenging for IoT organizations to decipher what is simply “hype” and what is truth. 5G is expected to revolutionize the current cellular landscape in a number of areas, some of which include enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT, and low latency, advancements that are expected to enable a broad range of use cases that are currently limited or unavailable. The problem, though, is getting an accurate understanding of how, when, and where 5G will be become commercially available.

Despite the 5G buzz, Gartner finds that, “less than 45% of CSPs globally will have launched a commercial 5G network by 2025.” While some countries such as the United States, Canada, China, Japan, and Australia are expected to gain widespread 5G coverage over the next four years, it is important for organizations to consider the delay that will likely take place in other regions, with many not expected to achieve 90% nationwide 5G population coverage until at least 2026. This information is especially critical for IoT organizations operating within the regions that will see slower adoption, those with global deployments, and those with plans for global expansion.

Download the exclusive Gartner research report: Innovation and Insight for 5G networking – Cutting Through the Hype for the information you need to develop a long-term IoT connectivity management strategy, covering topics such as:

  • Definition and description of 5G, as well as expected deployment timelines for all global regions
  • Expected use cases for 5G-capable networks and analysis of the evolution of 4G vs. the promise of 5G
  • Risks and recommendations regarding 5G availability and adoption


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