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Is eSIM Right for Your Business?

eSIM technologies – which enable remote, Over-the-Air (OTA) network connectivity provisioning – are delivering significant promise for IoT organizations. By eliminating the need to physically switch out a SIM card when changing carrier networks, eSIM solutions enable:

  • Future-proofed connected devices - IoT devices that are deployed over a long period of time are protected from the impact of evolving network technologies, sunsets, or service terminations, by eliminating technical or carrier lock-ins with a single eSIM.
  • Eliminate SIM switching costs - Remote provisioning to different carrier profiles or network technologies enables organizations to eliminate the need to purchase new SIM cards and physically replace legacy SIMs
  • Streamline logistics’ management processes - With no need to physically replace legacy SIMs, organizations eliminate the process of managing costly and time-consuming truck rolls to dispersed geographic locations.

With decades of experience in IoT, KORE has developed a comprehensive eSIM offering that goes beyond traditional eSIM offerings to deliver technology-agnostic network access worldwide, with support for value-added services and comprehensive eSIM management:

  • Carrier-Agnostic Single eSIM: embedded or removable, IoT-grade and ruggedized eSIMs that are remotely programmable based on GSMA eSIM specifications, with the option to integrate eSIM applets for secure authentication and network monitoring.
  • Network Connectivity: single eSIM for access to multiple carriers and multiple technologies (2G/3G/LTE), hosted on our own independent network to enable greater control and secure access via VPNs and private APNs, as well as single data bundles via multi-IMSI capabilities.
  • Single User Interface: single user experience to manage connectivity across multiple networks with comprehensive provisioning tools, real-time reports for data usage and billing, proactive thresholds and alerts, as well as self-service advanced diagnostics.


Reach out to KORE today or check out our blog, "What Does eSIM Mean for my Business? Unlocking the Hidden Value of eSIM Technologies" for more information.