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The CEO Corner: Embracing the LTE Opportunity

As the cellular technology landscape continues to evolve, we at KORE are being counted on by our customers to help and advise them on their individual network migration journeys. Organizations are typically seeking information and guidance regarding 2G and 3G carrier network shutdowns, newer LTE technologies that will best suit their unique IoT ‘use cases’, as well as best practices for formulating an LTE migration strategy. In fact, some are already asking about the implications of 5G on their IoT strategies!  Given the importance of secure, scalable and reliable network connectivity for achieving long-term IoT success, I wanted to discuss these upcoming changes in this quarter’s update.

As many of you already know, it is expected that many major carriers, especially in the United States, are expected to sunset their 2G and even 3G networks over the next three to five years, with some shutdowns happening as soon as next year. Although this may seem like daunting news for many organizations that have long relied on these legacy technologies to connect their IoT solutions, there are actually many advantages that LTE delivers. First of all, LTE provides far greater bandwidth for those use cases and applications that need it, i.e., can leverage a ‘fatter pipe’ to provide a better customer experience or enhance revenue opportunities with capabilities such as video for example, that were previously unavailable to them. At the other end of the bandwidth spectrum, CAT-M1 and NB-IoT technologies have been specifically designed for IoT and are becoming widely available on a global basis. For more information on these innovative LTE technologies and how they can benefit your IoT solution, I encourage you to read our guide “How to Navigate Emerging LTE Technologies for IoT.”

It is, of course, crucial to success that you begin with a well thought-out and thoroughly planned LTE migration strategy, allowing plenty of time to evaluate and select any new devices or modules and other technologies your particular LTE implementation will require. The optimal way to execute this transition will depend upon a number of factors unique to your business, including your specific IoT use case, the scale of your solution, and the geographic regions in which you operate. Given our independent stance and our experience with over 6,000 customer use cases globally, complemented by the fact that we are one of the only service providers with real experience managing through a network migration (the AT&T 2G sunset at the end of 2016), KORE is best positioned to help your organization navigate what can be a highly complex process. Because of our close relationships with carriers, we can offer our customers early access to network sunset information, letting you know exactly which regions are being deprived of coverage and when, as well as what specific roaming facilities are emerging for CAT-M1 and NB-IoT.

Our technology-agnostic approach, which is driven solely by what our customers need to optimize their IoT solutions, is strengthened by our team of IoT experts that are available to offer the guidance and expertise needed to aid in both migration strategy development and its execution. In addition to professional, managed services that aid in forward logistics activities, device certification processes, and reverse logistics operations, we are also in a position to provide engineering services where we can help you with some of the more technical aspects such as device selection, configuration, and power management.

In conclusion, I simply want to reinforce that despite what may seem like disruptive news, the impending network shutdowns represent an exciting opportunity for our customers to improve business performance and ultimately maximize value from IoT solutions. KORE is with you every step of the way, offering the expertise, products and professional services needed to successfully reap the benefits that LTE can deliver. For more information on our related offerings, we invite you to take advantage of our complimentary network migration consultation.