Protect your business from network shutdowns with an LTE Migration Assessment from KORE

2G and 3G cellular connectivity have traditionally powered the majority of IoT devices. However, carriers are starting to sunset these legacy technologies in favor of newer, more robust and efficient technologies like 4G LTE and eventually 5G. As these network shutdowns begin, organizations with active IoT solutions are forced to rethink their current connectivity strategy for an inevitable LTE migration. This emerging technology comes in many shapes and forms. How can you be sure which one is the best fit for your IoT needs?

With a complimentary LTE Migration Readiness Assessment from KORE, you’ll have access to actionable insights from experts in the IoT connectivity field. Our solution architects will help you determine the current state of your IoT network connections and build a plan for migrating your devices to the ideal cellular technology for your solution. We work with all major carriers, globally, and can provide the information you need regarding 2G and 3G sunset timelines. Once we’ve evaluated your needs, we can provide unbiased guidance on the carriers, devices, and specific LTE technologies for your unique IoT solution.


Act now to request your complimentary LTE Migration Readiness Assessment with an IoT connectivity expert from KORE. Schedule your 90-minute consultation to learn:
  • Benefits of 4G LTE technology, including security and performance enhancements
  • Specific decommissioning dates for legacy cellular networks, per carrier
  • Best practices and timelines for managing LTE migrations within your organization
  • Identification of new IoT devices and carrier SIM deployments, optimized for your business goals

Network shutdowns are happening – now. Define your migration strategy today to minimize downtime and keep your IoT solution working for you.