Demo our GPS Tracking  Platform for Businesses

Try Our GPS Tracking Platform and See How It Can Help Your Business

At Position Logic, we aren’t just going to tell you how our location based-services and GPS tracking software can help your business. We want you to see it for yourself and work with you to determine what products will work best for you.

A demonstration is often the ideal way to illustrate how Position Logic’s GPS tracking platform can deliver value to your company. All of our tracking demos are conducted online and adjusted to show you how our GPS tracking software can work for your company and its unique needs. If you are interested in seeing Position Logic’s software products in action or have questions about the platform, please fill out the form below and a representative will contact you.

If you have any questions before requesting a demo, feel free to contact us.


“The great experience of working with Position Logic’s Team and on it’s Platform, has proven to be not only a highly effective opportunity for immediate market readiness and a profitable return on investment, but extremely encouraging in terms of Team spirit and round the clock Support commitment. In more than 15 years that I have in Location Based and Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services, it is very rewarding to finally see that upscale Service Technology and Systems could get developed by people who know people, turning that into a long term business relationship. We strongly recommend working with this Team of Professionals.” 

Jesús Flores Estrada CEO iTrac Control