KORE Driver Logic Embeds Contextual Behavior Intelligence into its Fleet Management Solution

Mar 13, 2017

KORE’s Position Logic partners with Tourmaline Labs to improve safety, profitability and risk management

 ALPHARETTA, GA.—March 13, 2017—KORE, the people powering the Internet-of-Things (IoT) innovations and opportunities, today announced that Position Logic and Driver Logic have partnered with Tourmaline Labs to offer fleet management customers a next-gen driver scoring AI that builds on KORE best-in-class IoT Platform and global connectivity solutions.

Driver Logic is a powerful white-label, smartphone and tablet fleet management solution that was developed to facilitate fleet operations in B2B clients and reduce costs simultaneously. Driver Logic works independently from any hardware and is completely functioning off of the tablet or smartphone of the driver. The application is scalable for small independently owned fleets to large, industry-leading fleet organizations and is available for both iOS and Android platforms. The application features a fleet management portal to allow operators to monitor driver behavior and performance.  

An integrated a context-aware AI engine enables KORE to offer a fundamentally new and improved user-experience (UX), predicated on multi-dimensional behavior scoring system that is “normalized” in context with the driving environment. Factoring in the driving environment (i.e. vehicle class, localized driving habits, weather conditions, traffic levels, city vs. highway driving, etc.) has the effect of “leveling-the-playing-field” and enabling fleet operators to use a behavior scoring methodology that is meaningful, relatable and relevant.

Incorporating powerful contextual behavior analytics, a purposeful scoring system and positively-reinforced driver coaching, provides a compelling solution for any organization seeking to pro-actively understand, manage and mitigate risk.

“Fleet efficiency and driver safety are top priorities for companies with large fleet operations and if they can do that while cutting costs, it’s even better,” said KORE CEO Alex Brisbourne. “Driver Logic includes a robust reporting suite with unlimited historical data, snapshot and dashboard views, driver activity logs and more. We customize the white-label solution to fit your needs, brand it to your own corporate image, and run it on our servers. You sell to clients but we support you in every way with People, Process, and Technology from start to finish.”

“As the IoT industry continues to mature through the advent of new applications, it’s important for us to support these advances by offering new solutions for our customers,” said Position Logic Executive Vice President Felix Lluberes. “By offering hardware-independence and advanced AI behavior intelligence, Driver Logic is able to meet the needs of our growing customer base.”

The Driver Logic application comes with a full suite of features such as:

  1. Driver Score: All data is captured directly on a smartphone, eliminating the need for costly hardware. Drivers can see their behavior score in the app and the score stays with the individual driver, not the vehicle.
  2. Messaging and Tasks: Integrating messaging allows for real-time, efficient communication and task delegation between fleet managers and drivers to boost productivity.
  3. Trip Log: Drives are auto-detected and logged.
  4. Work Schedule: Drivers can set their custom work hours. Personal drives outside of "On Duty" hours will not be logged or given a score.

KORE's integrated tablet solution coupled with Position Logic’s state of the art tracking takes care of everything from device configuration and deployment to device management, monitoring, plus customer support. KORE’s tablet solution allows customers to think outside the box when it comes to mobile workforce possibilities and the addition of Driver Logic furthers this initiative.

Learn more about KORE and Driver Logic here: driverlogic.positionlogic.com

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