KORE Telematics Launches M2M Solution Finder Portal and Partner Program

Alex Brisbourne
Feb 02, 2011

 Creates Single, Searchable Knowledgebase of M2M Application   Providers; Empowers Organizations with a Centralized Portal for   "In-Service" M2M Applications

Miami, Fla.—IT Expo East 2011—M2M Evolution—February 2, 2011—KORE   Telematics, the world's largest digital wireless services provider   specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today   introduced the KORE M2M Solution Finder Portal and Application Partner   Program. The Solution Finder portal was created to solve a perennial   problem for companies seeking commercial-grade M2M solutions specific to   their needs. It offers businesses the ability to, using the criteria   they require in an M2M solution, be intelligently matched with solution   providers who meet those specific demands. By enabling its partners to   register their applications and solutions in the M2M application portal,    KORE is helping its partners grow their businesses and reach new   customers across the globe.
  With nearly 600 M2M application providers and more than 20   technology partners, KORE boasts the industry's most diverse ecosystem   of M2M solutions. KORE-powered M2M applications are designed to meet   specific business needs in multiple vertical industries, including   mobile healthcare, fleet management, asset tracking, personal tracking,   utilities, mobile payments, public sector and security. Prospective   end-user businesses coming to the Solution Finder portal can locate   their desired M2M application by entering specific preferences and   requirements including their industry, network technology, geographic   service and device information. Companies participating in the KORE M2M   Application Partner Program can create and maintain customized in-depth   profiles, which are  stored within the KORE Telematics online catalog.   KORE will  broker introductions between the M2M application providers   and the prospects.
  "KORE is one of our most trusted partners, providing the reliable   and ubiquitous M2M network connectivity that helps power our supply   chain protection solutions," said  Robert Furtado, president and chief   executive officer, LoJack® SC Integrity. "Participating in the KORE   Application Partner Program will help increase our presence in the M2M   market, driving awareness and sales of our unique offerings. We look   forward to working hand-in-hand with KORE to grow our business."
  Organizations across the globe and across very diverse industries   have deployed M2M applications to improve efficiencies, save lives,   enhance security and reduce costs. The KORE Solution Finder site   provides end users who may be looking for complete M2M solutions with   the means for finding the right application for their business. As one   of the most well-known brands in the M2M market, KORE is now helping   organizations find, select and implement M2M applications that deliver a   competitive advantage.
  Solution Finder partners will benefit from marketing and   advertising initiatives, case studies featuring their solutions and   their customers and have the opportunity to participate in KORE public   relations and industry tradeshow activities. Partners will work with   KORE to update and maintain their listing in the partner catalog,   ensuring that information on every M2M application is accurate and   up-to-date. In addition, all customer leads will be stored in the KORE   Partner Account Management system, so that M2M solution providers can   better manage their prospect engagements.
  "With the launch of the KORE Application Partner Program and the   Solution Finder Website, we are creating a community where end users and   M2M solution providers can interact, connect and eventually develop   business relationships," said Robert Metzler, executive vice president   of sales & marketing at KORE Telematics. "By offering intelligent   lead routing and tracking all the way to the close, KORE is providing   the tools that its partners need to grow their businesses. As a single   source for a variety of M2M applications, organizations across the globe   can now look to KORE to help solve their M2M needs."
  "When presented with the concept of the M2M Partner Program, we   jumped at the chance to become one of the pilot members," said Steve   Tautz, co-founder and CFO of Lat-Lon, a leader in solar-powered GPS   tracking and monitoring systems for Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH)   shippers. "With innovative, mutually beneficial programs like this, KORE   once again demonstrates its dedication to growing the M2M services   industry and sets itself apart from the other network operators in the   ecosystem."

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  Partners wishing to participate in the KORE M2M Application   Partner Program can complete the partner catalog submission form available here

About KORE
  KORE Telematics is the world's largest fully digital wireless   network provider specializing exclusively on the rapidly-expanding   machine-to-machine (M2M) communications market. Companies in fields as   diverse as security, utilities, health care and fleet management, as   well as government agencies, are implementing M2M solutions to achieve   productivity gains, cost management, environmental improvement and to   expand customer services. Through its extensive network of application   and hardware partners, KORE enables complete solutions for vehicle   tracking, homeland security, automated metering and dozens of other M2M   applications. KORE's long-term, direct agreements with Tier 1 wireless   operator partners allow it to offer a range of technologies—including   GSM, HSPA, CDMA and EV-DO—that ensures the greatest possible reliability   and coverage. For more information, please visit www.koretelematics.com.

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