SensorLogic and KORE Wireless Sign Telecommunications Services Agreement

Alex Brisbourne
Oct 19, 2004

By Integrating KORE’s GSM Service with Its M2M Portal™ for Wireless Telemetry, SensorLogic Will Offer Customers More Options

DALLAS – Oct. 19, 2004—SensorLogic announced today that it has signed a telecommunications services agreement with KORE Wireless Inc. SensorLogic will integrate the KORE Wireless GSM communications services into its M2M Portal™ wireless telemetry offering.

This infusion of GSM communications capability increases the application options for SensorLogic customers throughout the United States and Canada. "As a leading integrator of comprehensive telemetry services, SensorLogic is exactly the type of specialized M2M wireless solutions provider that KORE has been designed to serve," said Alex Brisbourne, COO of KORE Wireless. SensorLogic’s service provides a standardized interface to a wide variety of wireless data networks for two-way telemetry data communication, provisioning, activation and billing. With the KORE agreement, SensorLogic now can provide those services for the wide range of GSM networks supported by KORE Wireless.

SensorLogic already supports communications networks that use CDMA, 2-way paging, the analog cellular control channel, wireless packet data technology and several types of satellite services. "We are excited to establish this relationship with KORE Wireless because they offer the largest GSM coverage area available from any single provider – which enables us to offer more options to our customers," said SensorLogic President and CEO Dr. Jeff Smith. "Together with reliable operations, flexible programs and professional support, KORE provides an ideal communications service to complement SensorLogic’s M2M solutions."

The SensorLogic M2M Portal is a telemetry data management and communications platform that makes it easy for application developers to build and brand their own wireless telemetry solutions. The company operates as a telemetry service provider that offers a full-featured, Web-based telemetry application as a managed service. SensorLogic’s M2M Portal is a configurable application platform that can be customized easily for any vertical industry. By using SensorLogic’s pre-built telemetry functions and paying for service on a per-use basis, machine-to-machine (M2M) application developers can reduce upfront investment, development time and risk.

Across more than 41,000 cell sites in North America, KORE delivers highly reliable SMS and GPRS over GSM. A full-service mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), KORE is focused uniquely on powering the emerging M2M market and delivers a comprehensive suite of support services exclusively for this market. This suite includes fully automated, Webbased activation services, over-the-air configuration control and aggregated traffic usage, supporting cost-effective low-bandwidth service delivery.

"We have focused on services entirely aimed at being ‘designed into’ our partner’s application," said Brisbourne. "With a 100 percent focus on this market, our systems deliver commerce-grade wireless access needed for leading innovators."

Visit SensorLogic at booth No. 840 at CTIA. KORE Wireless can be met at CTIA in Booth No. 944.

About SensorLogic:
SensorLogic makes it easy for companies to develop what normally would be very complex machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. Based in Dallas, Texas, SensorLogic provides an integrated M2M solution that bundles all necessary components and device management capabilities with the most effective wireless data communications service. SensorLogic is the first provider that doesn’t force developers to spend huge amounts of capital or require a lengthy time-to-market to deploy private-label commercial-grade M2M services. More information on the company can be found at

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