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Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

Migration Overview:


What is PRiSMPro?

PRiSMPro is the connectivity management platform that all KORE customers have access to. PRiSMPro delivers a global IoT management platform for devices across all network carriers and satellite service providers with whom KORE has interoperability agreements. PRiSMPro offers KORE customers:

Control – a single source platform for managing millions of end devices across cellular and satellite carriers – worldwide. 
Management – customized configurations allow customers to set up bulk activation profiles for ease of use and scalability. 
Analytics & Oversight – detailed report on data usage, threshold alerts, role-based user privilege management, and billing, rate plan and cost controls. 
Advanced Troubleshooting – access to RADIUS data, restart devices, locate devices’ last location with lat-lon, street address and rich graphical map interfaces. 
Demonstrable ROI – reduction in total cost of ownership, control for administrative overhead costs via single interface, automated task management and ability to integrate with back-office systems using sophisticated APIs to eliminate costly provisioning errors.

Why is KORE migrating all of its customers to PRiSMPro?

KORE is upgrading all customers to the award-winning PRiSMPro connectivity management platform in order to standardize on one single platform. The standardization effort allows KORE to invest in a single platform, innovate on a series of new, rich features and consolidate support initiatives around one common platform and user interface.

Will my service be impacted by this migration?

 The KORE Team is working to ensure there will be no service impact for any customers. Customers using APIs should continue to use the same API calls without interruption. If you experience issues, please engage Customer Support at support@korewireless.com or by calling (North America) (617) 949-8900 or (UK): +44 (0) 203 816 1247.

Accessing the Portal - Credentials and Authentication

How do I access PRiSMPro? Will my company’s credentials migrate or need to be reset?

To access PRiSMPro, please go to: https://prismpro.koretelematics.com/ Your user name and password credentials will remain the same as your company has been using to manage your current connectivity management platform account.

How do I change or reset my password in PRiSMPro?

To change your password, log in to PRiSMPro by going to https://prismpro.koretelematics.com/ and select the Profile icon at the top of the right hand side of the navigation bar and scroll down to type in your old password and create a new one.

To recover your existing password please go to https://prismpro.koretelematics.com/PasswordRecovery.aspx.

Management Services

Will all of my M2M/IoT devices migrate to PRiSMPro?

Yes, it will be a phased migration that is initially focused on T-MOBILE SIMs. KORE will communicate the schedule well in advance of the remaining carrier partners when they will be migrated and available within PRiSMPro.

My company relies on APIs to manage our devices – activations, provisioning, adds/deletes – will our API continue to function as it does today?

Yes. There will be no changes to functionality or credentials required to use the KORE PRiSMPro APIs -- you can continue to utilize the existing APIs with your existing credentials.

Is there anything my company can do ahead of the migration to ensure it goes smoothly?

Please continue to review all customer notifications and communications from KORE in a timely manner. KORE does not anticipate action required on your part, however if you have a critical or urgent item you want to verify is covered please, click this link and your account manager will contact you to discuss.

In addition, there is PRiSMPro training available. Please visit the “Support” section on the PRiSMPro website.

Timing of the Migration

When is the migration going to take place?

The migration, once a timeframe is selected for you, will happen on the following billing date. You will receive a series of “countdown” status emails to keep you informed.

Customer Communications

How will I know when my company’s migration will take place?

You will receive several “countdown” emails, commencing with a formal announcement from KORE CEO Alex Brisbourne in advance of the migration, ending one week in advance of the migration. You will also receive confirmation upon successful completion of the migration.

What should we expect in terms of communications around the migration?

You will receive formal email announcements as well as a call from your Account Manager to discuss any concerns or open issues and to answer other questions that you may have. There will be an invitation to a webinar training session as well as on-demand access to the recorded webinar.

Customer Support

Will there be any changes to customer support? If so, what will they be?

The KORE Support Desk is improved by offering the ability to open trouble tickets directly via the Support link in the navigation menu of PRiSMPro and providing details on your issue or question.

On the back end, the trouble ticketing system is migrating from Salesforce.com to Zendesk in an effort to better service our customers.

Will my trouble ticket history be migrated or be accessible?

Your historical (closed) trouble ticket history will be maintained, but it will be archived on the former back-end system. To access historical, closed, trouble tickets, you will need to call Support or open a trouble ticket request using the Support link in the navigation menu of PRiSMPro and providing details on the historical trouble ticket for which you are seeking information.

Will all of my company’s current open trouble tickets be migrated?

All current, open trouble tickets will remain open and will continue to be processed but will not be available via the PRiSMPro Support Ticketing System. Customers with open tickets seeking updates will have to call into Support.

Who else in my company should receive training?

The Customer Support numbers and points of contact will change. They are now going to become support@korewireless.com or by calling (North America) (617) 949-8900 or (UK): +44 (0) 203 816 1247.

You also have the ability to open tickets via the PRiSMPro connectivity management portal by clicking on the Support link in the navigation menu and providing details on your issue or question.


How will this transition affect my bill?

Your first PRiSMPro invoice will include prorated charges only for connections that were migrated to PRiSMPro If only a portion of your connections were migrated, you will continue to receive an invoice for those connections that have not been migrated to PRiSMPro. PRiSMPro billing period ends on the 23rd of each month so charges on the invoice will include prorated Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC) from your previous billing period end date until the 23rd of the month. Usage charges will also be prorated.

Will my billing cycle be different?

Yes, once migrated to PRiSMPro, your billing period end date will be on the 23rd of every month going forward.

Will my invoice look different?

Yes, your invoice will look a bit different but we will provide detailed information about all charges. Outstanding balances will also be displayed.

Is there a limit to how often I can change rate plans?

You may change plans as often as you like. All plan changes will take effect at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

Will my pricing change?

Your price plan rates should not change but in an effort to simplify our plan structure, you might see an upgrade in a plan bundle size for no additional cost.

Does this migration affect my contract in any way?

No. The same terms and conditions apply after you are migrated to PRiSMPro unless you have been notified otherwise.

What reporting will I receive with my invoice?

With each invoice, you will receive a detailed SIM Summary and CDR report.