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Award-Winning Features of PRiSMPro New Users Should Learn and Use

Award-Winning PRiSMPro Platform

Top 10 Innovative Features of PRiSMPro New Users Should Learn and Use 

Welcome to the PRiSMPro Connectivity Management Platform. The award-winning PRiSMPro platform is the result of over 14 years of development and has been deployed by carrier partners in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia as their customer facing IoT/M2M Management Platform – testimony that it is robust and carrier-grade. 
The most compelling features of PRiSMPro include:

  1. Performance and Reliability
    • PRiSMPro has been optimized for commercial-grade speed, performance, reliability and stability. Many tasks that may have taken hours or even days on other platforms can be completed in minutes.
  2. Availability of New Cellular Carriers & Satellite Service Providers
    • PRiSMPro now offers provisioning on Optus, in addition to AT&T, Everything Everywhere, O2, Rogers, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Vodafone.
    • The platform also offers Low Earth Orbit Satellite Connectivity from Iridium that provides pole to pole coverage where cellular carriers don’t.
  3. Robust and Customizable Reporting Capabilities
    • PRiSMPro allows customers to create up to six custom fields which can be used to append customer-specific data to the reports that PRiSMPro generates. This allows customers to append important details such as customer account numbers, customer names, cost centers and more.
    • PRiSMPro generates a Daily CSV or Weekly CSV report for customers who seek to closely monitor their activities on the KORE and KORE’s downstream carrier networks.
  4. Advanced Troubleshooting
    • RADIUS Services allow customers a means to determine whether a device is in an active session and, if not, when its last session was and how much data was used during the last data session (Note: this is not used for billing purposes).
    • Cellular data session resets are available for customers seeking to stop a data session and restart it remotely in order to troubleshoot a device or series of devices.
  5. Provisioning
    • PRiSMPro gives you control by providing options to order, activate, track usage, suspend connectivity or deactivate in real-time.
  6. More IoT and M2M Optimized Service Plans
    • KORE offers a very wide array of data plans that are optimized for IoT/M2M application solution providers’ needs. These include 0 KB plans, adjustable plans and ultra low use plans for devices that monitor for exception-based situations.
  7. Robust Billing Capabilities
    • PRiSMPro provides customers with the ability to upload customer billing information and combine it with data usage and other KORE reporting data which allows companies to optimize billing for downstream, underlying customers.
  8. Security & Accountability
    • PRiSMPro allows the top administrator to assign privileges and role-based access at a per user level. For example, a billing employee can be prevented from provisioning devices and an operations employee can be prevented from viewing billing information.
    • Audit for accountability provides a log record of which user performed which task in which timeline. If there is an error or dispute, the administrator can see who authorized the action.
    • From a KORE Support perspective, any action taken by KORE Support on behalf of a customer is separate from PRiSMPro for audit and roll-back capabilities.
  9. Integration Services
    • KORE provides a robust set of APIs which allow customers to bi-directionally communicate and transact with the PRiSMPro platform to manage their devices and access usage and billing information. Customers can build machine interfaces into their commercial IoT and M2M applications or into back-office ERP systems. KORE provides a fully functional sandbox environment and a certification process for deployment and testing which reduces risks associated with developing against a live production system using test accounts.
    • KORE offers sophisticated VPNs, custom APNs, public static IP addresses and Private IP addresses and, using PRiSMPro, customers can manage their inventory of IP addresses and order more as needed.
  10. Advanced Support Features
    • PRiSMPro offers customers a full support interface with a trouble ticketing capability where customers can open new trouble tickets, monitor existing open trouble tickets and view historical (closed ) trouble tickets. The robust ticketing system allows customers to attach files, share screenshots and provide in-depth details of the situation for the KORE Support Team.
    • Customers have 24/7/365 Support and can reach a support technician by phone, email or by opening a trouble ticket (recommended).

KORE offers a robust set of device certification services including Carrier Certification (ex. AT&T), Industry Certification (PTCRB, GCF) and Government Certification (FCC, CE) which helps customers who need to design and deploy proprietary devices get them approved to go to market. KORE takes a hands-on consultative approach with pre-lab testing and strong working relationships with the leading lab companies, resulting in lower certification costs, faster time to market and a 100% historical success rate. With a full voting board seat on the PTCRB since 2005, KORE is the only non-spectrum owning carrier representing its customers’ interests on the PTCRB and has helped successfully certify over 1,400 devices to date.