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Case Studies

Case Studies Showcasing the Effectiveness of IoT and M2M Solutions with KORE

Every day, KORE enables enterprises across North America to improve, using machine-to-machine communications, their productivity, reduce costs and gain critical knowledge through the use of our all digital wireless networks and services.

Read the following case studies to find out how KORE brings you advantages in a variety of market segments.

And, check back often as we are continuously adding new case studies.


pdfCase Study on the KORE Geo-Redundant Network Featuring Cisco Implementation:
Support Customer Growth and Win New Business
(PDF document: 887 KB)


Environmental Services

pdfCase Study on OmniSite Crystal Ball Solution:
Converting Waste Water Management Problems into Clean Solutions
(PDF document: 1060 KB)

pdfCase Study on M2M Data Corp.:
World Class, Reliable Wireless Remote Monitoring
(PDF document: 678 KB)

Vehicle Tracking

pdfCase Study on Lat-Lon:
Wireless GPS Tracking & Security Monitoring
(PDF document: 531 KB)

pdfCase Study on Navman:
M2M Wireless in Action
(PDF document: 500 KB)

pdfCase Study on InSight USA:
Real-time Management of Mobile Workforce & Fleets with Just-in-Time Vehicle Tracking
(PDF document: 177 KB)

 pdf  Case Study on CallPass : 

CallPass Enables Consumers with High Risk Credit to Obtain Auto Financing with Technology Powered by KORE (PDF document: 500 KB)

Asset Tracking

pdfCase Study on LocusTraxx:
Perishable Goods Delivered Without Peril

pdfCase Study on RFTrax:
Say "All Aboard!" to Wireless - offering locomotive telemetry to railroads
(PDF document: 190 KB)

pdfCase Study on LoJack SCI:
Covert Cargo Monitoring Using Wireless GPS
(PDF document: 696 KB)

Remote Monitoring

pdfCase Study on OutdoorLink, Inc:
Taking advantage of the 2G shutdown to proactively illuminate the world of advertising

pdfCase Study on All Traffic Solutions:
Unswerving Focus Solidifies Traffic Safety

(PDF document: 479 KB)

pdfCase Study on Active Hunting Solutions:
Wireless Comes to the Wilderness
(PDF document: 184 KB)

Payment & Transaction

pdfCase Study on DPL Group:
Keep the Money Flowing While the Music is Pumping
(PDF document: 463 KB)

pdfOperator CDP Solutions
Case study on Starhub Selects KORE Systems Group CDP Solution:
StarHub Selects KORE System Group CDP Solution
(PDF document: 1060 KB)

pdfCase Study on Belgacom Selects KORE Systems Group CDP Solution:
Belgacom Selects KORE System Group CDP Solution
(PDF document: 1060 KB)


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