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Livongo Case Study: IoT Empowers People with Chronic Diseases to Achieve Quality of Life

828x640 Case Study Livongo

Over 30 million adults in the United States today live with diabetes, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. That’s 14% of the adult population living with a chronic disease that significantly impacts their lives. But advancements in medicine, technology, and knowledge-mining have created an opportunity for healthcare IoT solutions to dramatically improve patients’ quality of life. Personal healthcare leader and IoT innovator, Livongo, sought to create a solution that would help their users improve their self-treatment options – they wanted to provide a connected, automated experience to end the isolation of living with this chronic disease.

Livongo needed their products to reach a global audience with varying needs – and they needed to make it as cost-effective as possible to benefit their end-users. They turned to KORE, a trusted IoT advisor, for their carrier- and network-agnostic relationships. This would enable their devices to reach beyond the traditional footprint of city-centers to users in more rural and, historically, connectivity-challenged areas. The results were immediate, for both Livongo and their customers, as new devices were certified, activated, and delivered seamlessly, allowing users to test their blood sugar right out of the box.

While healthcare IoT has the potential to do this and so much more, it also comes with a host of challenges. From federal and state regulations to procurement, certification, and deployment of personal IoT-connected devices.

Learn how KORE partnered with Livongo to help them:
  • Navigate the complex regulatory landscape
  • Establish a viable product and solution roadmap
  • Determine a reasonable capital expenditure (CAPEX) outlay
  • Identify and procure the right connectivity and device technologies