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IoT and M2M Platform FAQs

Have questions? Need answers? Check out our IoT and M2M FAQs to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about KORE and the IoT/M2M industry. Still need assistance? Contact us with your questions. We’re here to help!

How do I start doing business with KORE?

Starting your partnership with KORE is as easy as calling 877-710-KORE (5673) toll-free or, for international inquiries, +44 (0) 203-478-5281. You can also e-mail us at sales@koretelematics.com. We’ll put you in touch with our business development managers throughout North America and Australia, who are available to help. These individuals are experienced wireless professionals who will ensure that you select the right program to meet your needs.

Does KORE’s service work outside of North America?

Yes, it does! KORE services, including our GPRS APNs and SMS Short Codes, work in most international destinations that support GSM networks. With KORE Global Connect, your devices get natively provisioned via Tier 1 operators in over 180 countries. With satellite services, you get 100% global connectivity.

Does KORE provide SIM cards?

Of course! KORE provides SIM cards for GSM services specific to your market and needs.

Does KORE sell devices and radios?

No. As an M2M expert, KORE works closely with the device and radio vendors to facilitate your deployments, and we have formal technical support and co-marketing programs with most leading suppliers. But we don’t sell these products. Our platform is device agnostic, so it can be incorporated into your system easily!

Can I send SMS messages from my application to a device using KORE’s services?

Yes! Using KORE’s SMS Gateway services with a Short Code or Virtual Number, you can send and receive SMS messages between your application and devices.

Can I send SMS messages to devices on networks other than KORE’s?

Absolutely! KORE SIMs can send and receive messages to and from third-party networks. If this is a necessary feature, the KORE Inter-Carrier Message Service will allow you to do so.

How do I obtain support from KORE after I start using your services?

We make that easy! You can contact KORE’s support team by e-mail, phone, or fax, in addition to creating your own trouble tickets in our PRiSMPro Portal. We provide 24/7 phone support.

Still have questions? Contact us here for answers from a KORE IoT & M2M expert!