Build vs. Buy: How to Make the Right Decision for your IoT Application

October 10, 2017 @ 2:00 PM GMT-4.00

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October 10, 2017 GMT-4.00

@2:00 PM GMT-4.00

Join KORE for an educational webinar that will provide the information necessary for IoT companies that need to make the fundamental “build vs. buy” decision. As part of it’s “DNA” – device, network, and application – any IoT solution needs a “thing”, or a device, to connect, posing businesses with the question: should I design and build the device for my IoT solution in-house? Or should I buy an off-the-shelf device? During this presentation, KORE will discuss the many key factors that must be considered during the decision-making process, examine the pros and cons of each option, and provide guidance for making the best possible decision for your unique business requirements.

This presentation will provide:

  • A basic explanation of the “build vs. buy” decision in regards to IoT device selection
  • Key areas of consideration that must be taken into account during the decision making process
  • A comparison of “build” and “buy” for each key consideration
  • Information around additional business-specific characteristics that may influence the decision
  • Best practices suggestions for both “build” and “buy” scenarios