IoT Insight Report: Network and Security Management

IoT has revolutionized the ways in which we do business. We now have new technologies enabling us to gather and transmit data faster and more reliably than before. But something else has increased just as rapidly, if not more so than these IoT opportunities – potential risks stemming from people who want to, and can, intercept the data you’re transmitting. How do IoT solution providers ensure safety and security of their end-users' data while also focusing on innovation and growth? Network and security management is an essential, yet often overlooked, facet of building a solution that will be successful for the long haul.

In the next installment of our IoT Insight Series, Chris Francosky, Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Security at KORE, shares his insights from his extensive experience in the wireless communications industry. This interview asks and answers key questions about how and why organizations should build network and security protocols into their IoT solution framework.

IoT security isn’t optional – in fact, Gartner reported that network security is the most significant area of technical concern for today’s IoT solution providers. Download our IoT Insight Report: Network and Security Management to learn:

  • The risks and liabilities that IoT has introduced
  • Ways IoT devices can become vulnerable
  • Which verticals or industries excel with IoT security – and which ones don’t
  • What factors you should consider then building your IoT security policy

Network and security management not only allows your organization to protect your users’ data but also helps you build long-term trust and loyalty with your customers – download the full Insight Report today.