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IoT: The Key to Improving Patient Outcomes Through Connected Healthcare

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Reliable connectivity is critical to compete and grow in today’s healthcare IoT industry. In fact, more than 50% U.S. hospitals are currently investing in connected healthcare to expand their services around the globe, especially in remote regions. Advanced technologies such as out-patient tracking and monitoring, connected medical devices, and home healthcare solutions, can now deliver up-to-the-minute data, high-quality care and, most importantly, improved patient outcomes.

To be effective, healthcare IoT solutions must be easy-to-use, compliant with stringent industry regulations, and integrated seamlessly with clinical workflows across a variety of complex environments. Of course, connected healthcare must be absolutely secure, too. That’s why we provide the end-to-end expertise to specify, build, maintain, and deploy these mission-critical IoT solutions.

Learn more about securely integrating healthcare IoT solutions into your environment
  • Cloud-based platforms that integrate open APIs for easy customization
  • Highly developed security protocols for complex global networks
  • Data analysis, AI, automation, and virtual reality for faster, more accurate diagnoses