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Security is a top concern for any organization, especially when launching an IoT solution. In fact, it’s estimated that over 97% of organizations implementing IoT are worried about keeping their solution – and their data – safe. And for almost 20% of those organizations, security is their top IoT challenge. With high stakes and potential risks including massive data overage costs, sensitive data breaches, and lasting brand reputation damages, it’s critical to have the right security tools in place.


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SecurityPro from KORE puts the power of IoT security back in your hands. Gain insight, visibility, and control over your network traffic to protect your organization. SecurityPro provides the network visibility and actionable intelligence you need to identify potential anomalies – ultimately reducing costs and mitigating security risks.

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DeviceInspection_Icon Gain visibility into unplanned device behavior for faster action and resolution
CutCosts_Icon Reduce data overages and billing costs
SecurityBreach_icon Quickly identify security breaches and mitigate potential risks
Security_Icon Address vulnerabilities before they become a costly reality


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