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The 2G Sunset is Coming. Are You Prepared?

With the Shutdown of the Largest North American 2G GSM Network Approaching, KORE Can Make the Transition Easier. We’re Here to Help.

The 2G Sunset is presenting companies like yours with a host of new challenges and complexities. KORE can make it easier for you. We are offering a FREE 2G Sunset consultation with a 2G Transition Specialist. In this 2G consultation, we will work with you to evaluate your current situation and provide you with examples of how other companies in similar situations addressed the problem.

Although everyone’s situation is unique, our clients have found it helpful to review their options based on actual cases similar to theirs. You can learn how KORE simplifies the transition to newer technologies with customized pricing plans, straightforward contract addendums, and device certification assistance.

Just remember: you have options, but waiting isn’t one of them, so take action now.

Our 2G Sunset Whitepaper

The top 10 things you need to know about the sunset of 2G.

The dawn of the 4G LTE network brings with it new possibilities for connectivity and mobile devices. However, as the introduction of any disruptive technology inherently displaces previous ones, the widespread demand for 4G is ushering in the decline of 2G connectivity – otherwise referred to as the 2G Sunset. As a solution provider in the M2M or mobile industry, the 2G Sunset could have a significant impact on your business. This white paper discusses the top ten things you need to know about the sunset of 2G.


 Download 2G Sunset Whitepaper

The Top 5 Misconceptions about 2G Sunsetting

People hold several misconceptions in regard to the 2G Sunset. For example, many think they have plenty of time before the 2G Sunset occurs, so they don’t need to worry about it yet, but that may not necessarily be true. In an effort to progressively free up spectrum between now and the deadline date, AT&T’s 2G network shutdown may come sooner than expected in some markets and territories. There is no telling where those territories will be, so the specter of the 2G Sunset could potentially affect you sooner rather than later. For more information, view our infographic or our article about the Top 5 Misconceptions about 2G Sunsetting.

KORE Informational Video

View this video to see how KORE helps companies like yours choose the right network provider for your connectivity needs during the transition away from 2G.

Moving Forward: What 3G and 4G LTE Can Do for Your Company

The 2G Sunset may be on the horizon, but 3G and 4G LTE have been growing and advancing in ways that can really benefit your company as it interacts with the IoT. To learn more about these networks, take a look at some of our articles below.

It's time to ask what 3G can do for you in M2M

LTE – Bringing a New Spectrum of Opportunities for M2M and IoT

For more information about the 2G Sunset or to schedule a free 2G Sunset consultation, contact us by phone, e-mail, or by filling out this short contact form.