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M2M Expert Certification Partnerships

There is so much involved in bringing M2M solutions to life and supporting them in the long run. The ability to support complex applications – with many that are expected to be in service for many years, often in hostile environments – requires strong integration of radios, devices, antenna technology, power storage and management, applications, and the network that connects them all together in the IoT.

From the very start, KORE decided that the choice of equipment is best left to its customers. Only they know the special needs of their own applications and business models. However, radio modems and other hardware play a critical role in the service delivery. Although the KORE network service delivery is independent – KORE does not sell any equipment – we have established formal relationships with many leading OEMs and engineering companies. This gives us unique insight into the availability, capabilities, and performance of existing devices as well as an in-depth understanding of the device certification process.

Our OEM Partners

Our OEM partners provide us with the information we need to help your company with everything from initial deployment and certification through to commercial service deployment using advanced troubleshooting tools and techniques. With many leading OEMs having a close partnership with KORE, you can rest assured that a service based on this equipment has been tested to work with the KORE network in all markets shown. Up-to-date listings of currently supported and approved devices can be found here.

Below, you will find a list of OEM companies with whom we have established formal relationships. Click on the company to take a look at their website.

KORE offers an M2M Developer Test Drive Program for OEM partners who want to include information in their developer kits on how to provision their test devices on the KORE network. The KORE M2M Developer Test Drive Program is designed to accelerate the advancement of M2M solutions by providing application developers with access to the KORE network for design and trouble shooting.

Engineering M2M Certification Partners

KORE offers certification services for customers who have designed and built customized M2M solutions, typically by purchasing an approved module OEM and designed the device and applications themselves. As a full voting member of the PTCRB (GSM) and an executive council member of the CDG (CDMA), KORE is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the required approvals as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The KORE Business Development Team is ready to consult and provide guidance to achieving device certification.

For companies seeking a wider array of engineering services, KORE has engineering M2M certification partners, including “one-stop-shops” who are experts and can provide consultation on everything, including device design, application validation, contract manufacturing, device certification, and more. We have also formed an M2M expert certification partnership with RFI Global, a leading provider of GSM test lab services, and with Intertek, a specialty lab for CDMA certification testing services. These members of our M2M certified partnership program are experts in creating a clear path to successful certification on-time with the lowest investment possible.

If you are interested in learning more about our device certification partners and M2M expert certification partnerships, please complete the contact form to the right.