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KORE Provides the Best Carrier Connectivity Solutions

By partnering with KORE, customers benefit from better carrier connectivity solutions and associated service levels than most, if not all, could negotiate on their own. With economies of scale, strong relationships achieved through years of partnership, contractual obligations related to service levels, and systems access negotiated into long-term Tier 1 carrier agreements, KORE and its partners make this M2M network solution a reality.

In addition, key KORE personnel have worked inside and helped design the carrier systems. As a result, KORE has the added benefit of extensive experience and prior knowledge of the inner workings of the carrier network, data centers, and the operations procedures of the departments with whom KORE works. As a result, our customers have access to a truly reliable, global network through carrier interconnect.

KORE’s M2M Network Solution for Improved Carrier Interconnection

KORE’s carrier connectivity solutions include:

  • A minimum of two fully redundant, fault-tolerant, and geographically dispersed connections to each carrier’s network operations center.
  • Proactive monitoring 24/7/365 of all connectivity and key performance indicators, including automatic fail-over when exception events take place. This means that KORE services are maintained, even if one of the connections to the carrier or the carrier’s own data center goes down.
  • Alarm notifications to KORE operations personnel for known outages of data centers, data connections, or cell towers.
  • The highest degree of security to protect customer privacy, so only KORE customer traffic can traverse the connections, and all connections are secured using AES256 IPSec standards-based encryption.
  • Radius services to troubleshoot whether a device is active on a carrier’s network.
  • Access to the highest level of operational executives at each carrier partner for escalation in the instance of a major outage or unresolved problem.

With this exceptional connectivity within the carrier partners’ networks and the added resiliency and redundancy of the KORE Network, customers can rest assured knowing they have partnered with the best M2M network solution provider available. What’s more, our solutions are so good, they’re even better than the individual carriers themselves thanks to KORE’s carrier connectivity solutions.

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