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KORE’s Integrated IoT and M2M Connectivity Solutions

Rich, Robust IoT and M2M Network Management Solutions Provide Secure, Bi-Directional Linkage to All of Your Connected Devices

KORE provides a deep and rich set of integration services to ensure the highest quality of service for mission-critical M2M network management solutions that customers can rely upon 24/7/365. KORE optionally offers a fully managed server cloud and data storage hosting environment for our customers who desire to save on the capital and operational expense of leasing data center space, purchasing servers, and hiring system administrators to oversee operations and security.

Below are some of the highlights of our integrated IoT and M2M connectivity solutions:

VPN, including dual, redundant VPNs with automatic fail-over

KORE offers several methods of Virtual Private Network integration. Many customers choose a VPN because they desire an IPSec encrypted connection or the ability to initiate data transactions with their devices directly from the server side, or both. KORE offers several VPN options, including fully managed solutions, KORE-supplied routers for customer data center installation, and customer-supplied termination equipment. These variations can be designed and implemented in ISP-redundant and/or site-redundant configurations with automatic fail-over.

Custom APNs

KORE GSM customers can elect to employ a custom Access Point Name option in their IoT and M2M connectivity solutions. With this option, you have exclusive use of an APN, meaning that only your data traffic will traverse this connection. Many choose this option for financial applications for increased privacy or when they desire contiguous static IP address space for our GSM services.


KORE controls network elements needed for Short Message Service delivery, including message platforms for both production and test services, as well as our own Short Codes. KORE supports several SMS solutions, addressing the specific needs of the M2M marketplace. Leveraging the SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) protocol by supporting an SMPP bind between your application server and our SMSC (Short Message Service Center), KORE enables you to deliver SMS as an effective data bearer for your application.

Static IP Addresses

KORE offers both dynamic and static private IP address options for devices using our KORE GSM service anywhere in the world.

Private Circuit Connections

KORE supports both public (Internet) and private IoT/M2M network management solutions for customer application servers.  Private circuit connections such as MPLS can be arranged, often a preference for customers seeking an option with added security.


KORE provides secure, advanced device management functions via PRiSMPro and the KORE API Library. This API web service allows customers to effectively and productively manage KORE services from within their own business systems. The PRiSMPro API is built to support Express Activation Profile (EAP) architecture, allowing customers to manage all devices regardless of network technology or service requirements. Essentially, any function that can be performed from the PRiSMPro Portal can be performed via the API directly from customers’ back-office applications.

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