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M2M Service Management Platforms and Systems

Our M2M service management platform and provisioning systems have been designed to meet the highly-specialized needs of M2M service providers.

KORE's platforms are flexible, real-time and scalable. We can process more than 10,000 real-time activation requests daily, manage over 200 million billing records monthly, scale to support more than 10 million devices on our network and process more IP data traffic than our four nearest competitors combined.

Our M2M Provisioning Systems are Built Exclusively for M2M Management and Service Delivery

KORE's M2M provisioning systems are connected directly into our operator partner's provisioning systems, ensuring accurate, real-time activation and feature control with flow-through design ensuring that activations performed in our customers' own portal systems accurately configure devices in the field in real-time. Web or API tools for integrating to back-office management platforms are provided as part of the account set-up of our M2M service management platform.

With multiple Network Centers – in Atlanta, GA, Las Vegas, NV and Melbourne Australia– KORE manages all customer messaging and IP traffic with 24/7 hot standby and load balancing support with our operator partners. KORE has multiple, dedicated and redundant connectivity into our partners' networks. No other provider goes to these lengths for reliability.

M2M Service Management Platforms and Systems

KORE's M2M service management platform manages both 'sides' of the network connectivity puzzle. You connect to us once, and KORE manages all aspects of the downstream connectivity, for both revenue-generating traffic flows and business systems interfaces. To ensure that customers always receive 100% performance, each and every platform is separate and redundant with automatic fail-over capabilities.

KORE can see and support all live traffic through our own tools and systems, at all times, and provides radius services to customers to validate that a device is connected to the network and how much data was transferred during the previous session as well as session history going back 30 days.

Finally, our network monitor alerts and message systems are directly tied in to our operator services. In many cases, KORE's M2M provisioning systems have visibility of network performance into our carrier partners' national data centers and Mobile Terminating Switching Offices (MTSO). This results in much more rapid and focused diagnostics should problems arise – and more rapid mean-time to repair (MTTR) for customers.

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