Vehicle Tracking Solutions & KORE on Multi-Carrier Connectivity for Fleet Management


Ten years ago, when Vehicle Tracking Solutions (VTS), a leader in the fleet management industry, was looking for a way to seamlessly integrate their numerous cellular carriers, they turned to KORE. In this video, Ryan Wilkinson, Chief Technology Officer at Vehicle Tracking Solutions, and Cole Edmundson, IoT Solutions Architect at KORE, share the story of how these two companies came together to solve the initial challenge – and how they mutually evolved to create a long-standing and successful partnership.

For more information on the solution that started everything, connectivity and carrier management, download our Insight Report interview with Steven Baker, Vice President of Product Management at KORE. Steven discusses key insights and trends in carrier management as well as actionable ways solve your greatest connectivity management challenges.


"Obviously in technology there are challenges and the responsiveness and the support that KORE has been able to provide to us over the years has been paramount and absolutely excellent for us."

- Ryan Wilkinson, Chief Technology Officer, Vehicle Tracking Solutions

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