Confused about using LTE for your M2M/IoT devices? You are not alone.

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LTE technology integration provides a number of benefits, including:

Bandwidth Flexibility
Increased Data Speeds
Cost Reduction
Reliable Coverage
Improved Device Optimization

For M2M and IoT All roads lead to LTE but not eveyone has the same path. Let KORE help you map a course that fits your needs.

Ready, set, transition: M2M’s move LTE has sped up due to three major factors - the sunseting of 2G networks, the growing availability of CAT-1 devices and the corresponding drop in prices.

But for all the promise and benefits that LTE delivers, confusion and hesitation persists. This Guide Book will help you chart the route best for your needs.

KORE LTE Video Guide Series

Watch these short videos that highlight the 2G-to-LTE Migration Considerations

Free 2G Consultation

The 2G sunset is presenting companies like yours with challenges and complexities. We can make it easier for you.

KORE is offering a FREE 2G Consultation with a 2G Transition Specialist. You'll receive a 20 minute consultation in which we'll evaluate your current situation and provide you with examples of how other companies similar to your situation addressed the problem.

Although everyone's situation is unique, our clients have found it helpful to review their options based on actual use cases similar to theirs. You can learn how KORE simplifies the transition to newer technologies with customized pricing plans, simple contract addendums and device certification assistance.

Just remember, you have options, but waiting isn't one of them so take action now.

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Download your FREE LTE Migration Guidebook