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Webinar Series: How Industrial IoT is Enabling the Rise of ‘IoT at Scale’

BrightTALK - IoT at Scale


IoT adoption rates are skyrocketing across many industries as technology advancements and innovations are ushering in the age of “IoT at scale”. The industrial sector also plays a key role in the massive deployment of IoT, as it is expected that Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications are expected to account for 50% of IoT spending by next year. Through effective implementation of IIoT technologies, organizations in the space are empowered to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, obtain valuable business intelligence, and ultimately sustain a competitive advantage.

  • IIoT opportunities and growth factors
  • Five key IIoT use cases driving IoT at scale
  • Real-life IIoT success story
  • Best practices for implementing scalable IIoT solutions

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