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IoT in Energy and Utilities: Tech and Strategies for Success

Download the eBook “IoT in Verticals: Powering Smarter Solutions.”

The energy and utilities sector is evolving with for reducing carbon emissions, expanding services, supporting green initiatives, or creating new ways to consume driving consideration to IoT. The market to enter IoT within energy and utilities is massive, with demand for a digital transformation through efficiency and sustainability apparent. IoT connects business operations to analytics for a seamless approach but there are a few hurdles to overcome in the journey to deployment.

KORE leverages the latest research from a global Kaleido Intelligence survey focused on industry experts in energy and utilities IoT and use cases from Stedin and Ease2Pay to explore the market opportunity and real-life strategies for IoT applications.  

Download the eBook, “IoT in Verticals: Powering Smarter Solutions” to learn:
  • Challenges among cellular IoT adopters and non-adopters
  • The eSIM and private network opportunities
  • Details on how Stedin and Ease2Pay found success in IoT