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Your Single Source Provider for Business-driven Cellular Connectivity and IoT Solutions

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Benefit from Expertise that Enhances Cellular Connectivity and Simplifies IoT

The IoT ecosystem is made up of many tools and technologies that can make for complex and delayed deployments if you don’t have the right expertise. KORE collaborates with leading manufacturers, carriers, and service providers to serve as your single source provider, simplifying the IoT ecosystem so you can concentrate on your customers. As a KORE partner, we provide unique IoT reseller opportunities, you’re able to streamline the supply chain, accelerate time to market, and bring more business value to your IoT solutions.

Operational Management Services
A Dedicated Partner with Decades of Experience

Combine multiple vendor relationships into one powerful partnership

When you work with KORE, you no longer need to spend valuable time working with various device manufacturers, cellular carriers, systems integrators, OEMs, and service providers. We’ll assemble all of the pieces of the puzzle to configure, deploy, and service all of the elements of your connected solutions, providing ample IoT reseller opportunities. That’s the power of KORE.

Plug and play IoT connectivity solutions
Plug-and-Play Solutions

Simplify 4G LTE complexity with turnkey offerings.

Getting your LTE connectivity solution to work flawlessly and meet business needs requires a lot of work behind the scenes. But as your partner, we do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll inventory, kit, test, and provision devices, as well as manage logistical processes for routers, gateways, tablets, wearables, and other connected devices. That way, you get ready-to-go, end-to-end solutions that minimize the need for internal training and third-party services.

New IoT revenue streams for resellers
New and Ongoing Revenue Streams

Increase your bottom line by enhancing your product portfolio with our business-driven solutions

The wireless landscape is becoming more and more crowded, making it critical to differentiate your offerings. We help you address this challenge by enabling new, ongoing revenue streams through equipment sales, added services, and recurring monthly data earnings. Set yourself apart with access to pre-configured solutions available with both CapEx and OpEx pricing models. You’ll also be able to target new markets with solutions that support IoT business use cases, both horizontally and vertically, across industries.

Empowering Partners Through Our Unique Vantage Point
We leverage long-standing relationships that span the complex ecosystem so you can bring more value to your customers. Let us help you deliver the business continuity and device management businesses need for simplified, yet powerful IoT solutions.

Optimize uptime with always-on connectivity

Network outages can be expensive in terms of lost productivity, unrealized revenue, and unhappy customers. But when you partner with us, worries about business continuity are a thing of the past. With our broad portfolio of future-proof 4G LTE solutions, you get failover and alternate connectivity for VOIP and SD-WAN so that you can avoid costly downtime and keep businesses up and running.

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Deliver cost-effective connectivity for rapid deployment.

Landline Internet connections might not be feasible or available for remote locations, pop-up stores, or new company openings, leaving customers without options when they need to be open for business quickly. With our turnkey, 4G LTE cellular data connectivity, you can deliver business-class network connectivity, regardless of location, for a low monthly cost.


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Accelerated deployments for immediate connectivity.

KORE connected hardware solutions feature pre-integrated cellular routers and gateways from leading manufacturers such as Cradlepoint, Digi, Multitech and more that offer advanced features and streamline deployments. We also offer management platforms through our partners so you can manage devices remotely.

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The IoT market is forecasted to be more than $14 trillion in the next several years. KORE is enabling our sales partners to go after this exploding market by offering secure, bundled connectivity solutions and a single management platform for millions of devices. As Telarus continues expanding our cutting-edge mobility and IoT practice, proven companies like KORE help our partners engage in new areas of revenue growth.

Adam Edwards | CEO of Telarus

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