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Retail and IoT, Part II: Generating Warehouse Efficiencies

On 07/12/2018  by Karen St. George, VP Marketing
IoT is helping retailers to gain greater control and line of sight of their warehouses. From creating increased operational efficiencies to informing accurate inventory decisions, connected devices are arming the industry with the power ...
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Retail and IoT, Part I: Optimizing Transportation

On 07/10/2018  by Karen St. George, VP Marketing
Perhaps one of the most overlooked areas of retail success is supply chain effectiveness. Disruptions that impede products getting where they need to be – whether from the distributor to the warehouse, or delivered to the customer – can ...
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Enter the Age of IoT Independence

On 07/03/2018  by Karen St. George, VP Marketing
Across the U.S., families and friends will gather for barbecues, firework displays, and fun summer activities to celebrate Independence Day. This is all to commemorate how colonists fought for freedom, and ultimately for better lives.
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[Case Study] IoT Safeguards Trains Carrying Hazardous Materials

In the past year, we have heard a lot about how the trucking industry is undergoing significant change, and how challenges such as the nationwide driver shortage and the recently implemented ELD mandate have been significantly eased by I...
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4 Considerations for Bringing Your Fleet IoT Application to Life

The transportation industry is undergoing unprecedented transformation. Fleet management professionals are faced with new challenges, regulations, and decisions on a rapidly increasing basis.
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Fleet Manager's Guide to IoT, Part II: Addressing the Challenges

In Part I of our series on Fleet Management and IoT, we examined trends and challenges the industry must address, including logistical issues related to online shopping, driver shortages, driver safety and productivity, and fuel price vo...
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Fleet Manager's Guide to IoT, Part I: Understanding the Challenges

Fleet management professionals are facing logistical, financial, and market challenges that were not present just a few years ago. Some of these challenges are actually the result of new business opportunities and efforts to make the ind...
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