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The 10 IoT Trends as Leaders Look to 2024

2 minute read

The last several years for technology have been significant, to say the least. The network turndowns of 2G and 3G kicked off as 4G LTE grew in prevalence and use, while 5G was standardized. The pandemic uncovered weaknesses in the global, multi-modal supply chain and healthcare was quick to digitize in response to COVID-19. The economy has been shaky and workforce challenges have intensified and the trajectory of technology has altered as artificial intelligence (AI) and the true capabilities of 5G come sharper into focus.

KORE and Transforma Insights have partnered to tackle the trends and conversations that will be taking place and igniting the new dawn of IoT adoption in a webinar, “2024 Unleashed: IoT’s New Narrative for Digital Transformation,” on October 19 at 11 a.m. ET. Join KORE expert Jason Dietrich and Transforma Insights’ Matt Hatton as they discuss the top 10 IoT trends in defining the new narrative, which include:

  1. The Death of IoT (as we know it)
  2. IoT as a Service, Not a Product
  3. Cross-Optimization in IoT
  4. eSIM and iSIM
  5. The Low Power Wide Area Era
  6. The Convergence of Satellite
  7. The Private Network Opportunity
  8. Where AI and Edge Meet
  9. Security
  10. Regulatory Compliance

Download the on-demand webinar and the full whitepaper that goes further into the details on these topics, supported by the latest analyst research from Transforma Insights. 

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