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KORE Mobile Connect is a Fleet and Asset Enablement Solution

Wireless Fleet Management & Fleet Tracking System Solutions

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Increase Fleet Efficiency While Reducing Driver Risk

When you need to increase your vehicle utilization rates and ensure your fleet consistently delivers on-time – without placing drivers at risk – turn to our fleet tracking system.

Wireless Fleet Management & Fleet Tracking System Solutions

Fleet IoT cargo on-time
Exceeding Expectations Making sure drivers and their cargo arrive on time requires diligent, real-time schedule coordination.
Fleet IoT route efficiency
Increase Productivity Getting drivers to their destinations via efficient routes helps fleets complete more trips and increase vehicle utilization.
Fleet IoT driver protection
Protect Drivers Completing trips as efficiently as possible ranks high on your priority list, but not as high as driver safety and good driving habits.
Fleet IoT advanced telematics and real-time data
Reduce Fleet Inefficiencies

Optimize routes for a faster, more productive operation.

Getting drivers to their destinations using optimal routes enables service fleets to complete trips more efficiently, which means increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction. With advanced telematics and real-time data, your team can make informed decisions about scheduling and routing with our fleet tracking system.

Fleet IoT Vehicle Maintenance
Streamline Vehicle Maintenance

Schedule repairs in advance before breakdowns occur.

When vehicles require unexpected maintenance and repairs, your operating costs go up while customer service suffers. Advanced telematics enable you to schedule maintenance and repairs in advance based on time, engine hours, and odometer readings − so you can minimize the impact of downtime on daily operations. 

Fleet IoT optimize travel routes
Increase Fleet Utilization

Keep vehicles on the road and optimize travel routes.

You've invested a lot into your fleet, so you want to get the most out of your vehicles by keeping them moving in the right direction. Our fleet tracking system equips your vehicles with GPS tracking devices and telematics technology so you can know the locations and planned routes of vehicles at all time and make adjustments when needed to help drivers complete more trips per day.

Fleet IoT safe driving
Facilitate Safe Driving

Protect drivers and vehicles through real-time visual evidence

Your fleet business depends on safe transport of goods – and that means constant monitoring of driving behavior to ensure drivers and vehicles are both operating as expected. Video solutions allow you to supervise your drivers and keep them safe with event-based notifications and remotely accessible live-streaming.

Insightful Data for Greater Command of the Fleet
Operating efficient fleets requires tracking vehicle and driver information at all times. With real-time visibility, the fleet tracking system from KORE helps you increase productivity and streamline maintenance, while making sure drivers have a safe trip.

Real-Time Data to Measure Vehicle Performance

Fleet managers need to increase vehicle utilization while reducing fuel, maintenance, and other operating costs. KORE fleet management and fleet telematics helps by delivering GPS and fleet tracking system to improve the productivity of your vehicle fleets while assisting you in meeting regulatory requirements and keeping drivers safe.

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Automatic Vehicle Alerts and Location Data

When someone steals one of your vehicles, you need instant notification with the ability to identify the location of the vehicle instantly. KORE stolen vehicle recovery answers the challenge by providing tracking devices along with GPS, cellular, and satellite connectivity to allow timely communication with law enforcement to facilitate vehicle recovery.

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Remote Coordination of Vehicle Repairs

Fleet managers often run into logistical issues when coordinating vehicle maintenance and repairs that need to take place in the field. You can deploy KORE fleet field servicing on tablets and smartphones to enable online work request submissions and to automate the delivery of work order instructions, collect repair and maintenance data, and document completed work.

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Increase Visibility into Driver Behavior

In-Vehicle Video solutions for the fleet industry increase visibility of driver behavior and productivity – minimizing the risk of vehicle collisions and property damage. The KORE In-Vehicle Video solution leverages the latest high-quality video technologies delivered through a centralized LBS platform – allowing you to track and visually monitor all of your fleet vehicles from a single location.

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Ensuring you stay ahead with the next generation of IoT technology

Leveraging nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE simplifies the complexity of IoT with complete, global IoT management capabilities. We enable your IoT vision with seamless execution and a constant focus on maximizing the return on your IoT investments.

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Next Generation Fleet IoT Technology