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How Telematics Support Regulatory Compliance

Telematics Reg Compl ebook LP

Keeping up with changing regulations in fleet shipping can be overwhelming. Multiple regulatory bodies want hard numbers on fuel efficiency, hours of service, maintenance, and more. Without the proper tools, tracking and reporting all that is a heavy lift. Thankfully, we have telematics.

IoT technologies that connect to cloud-based platforms allow managers to track data on each vehicle in their fleet, whenever and wherever they want. Need to prove your fuel efficiency meets California standards? No problem. Want to double check a driver is under their HOS limit for the day? Easy.

Not only does this technology help your fleet follow regulations — it saves time and money, too. The information you need to prove compliance is also powerful business intelligence you can use to increase efficiency.

Download the eBook, “How Telematics Supports Regulatory Compliance in Fleets” to learn:
  • Why you need to reread your ELD specs
  • What regulatory updates to expect in the next decade
  • Why preventive maintenance makes DVIR easy