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Resilient Communications for Global Business

Whatever your connectivity needs are, KORE has the comprehensive solution.

Complete Solutions for IoT Communications

KORE Connectivity as a Service delivers award-winning, resilient connectivity offerings that are future-proofed with multi- IMSI and eSIM technology - deployed and scaled globally.

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Interoperable Communications Your entire ecosystem works optimally when all components are communicating effectively with each other. KORE can help.
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Future-Proofed Connectivity Identify and implement the most innovative cellular technologies now and in the future. KORE can help.
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Efficient and Reliable Service Your IoT communications system needs expert operations and support. KORE can help.
Connectivity as a Service (CaaS)

Cellular IoT, Multi-IMSI and eSIM Offerings

No matter what your IoT application is, KORE can build and support a customized CaaS solution delivering carrier-agnostic connectivity. Build a roadmap from legacy 2G/3G networks, get involved in the growth of massive IoT (NB-IoT/Cat-M/4G) and become 5G ready for critical IoT use cases. Leverage KORE connectivity that provides global coverage right out of the box and advanced auto-provisioning capabilities that ensure you have the right network for your service needs.

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Connectivity Management Platform (CMP)

An “All in One” Solution for IoT Connectivity

KORE ConnectivityPro™ makes managing global connectivity as quick and easy as it should be. KORE brings together all the advanced functions you need to manage every network connection across multiple carriers and satellite providers as one. Whether it’s ordering, provisioning, or activating new services; monitoring usage and identifying issues; or analyzing trends to improve performance – KORE ConnectivityPro provides a single, unified platform that can do it all.

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Intelligent Network Solutions

Easily Secure Your Devices and Business-Critical Data

KORE SecurityPro™ provides actionable intelligence needed to protect IoT devices from potential anomalies, thereby reducing costs and mitigating risk. Set rule-based alerts and actions to protect devices and transmitted data from anomalies, threats, excessive data use, misconfigured firmware, stolen SIMs, and network failures.

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Smart Solutions for Remote Teams

Business Connect: Connectivity and Router Solutions

Stay connected and ensure uninterrupted communications with a wireless solution and backup internet connection that is always ready for business. KORE Business Connect provides reliable wireless connectivity made simple - keeping home offices and key workers connected to ensure 100% up-time for your business.

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Value Added Content Services

Responsive, Personalized, and Effective Content Solutions

KORE Content Services is a content and messaging solution for organizations that face issues with customer engagement, reducing churn, and monetizing their customer base. KORE combines technology and brand, designing compelling customer engagement programs that deliver unique differentiation and ultimately new revenue streams for customers.

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Cost-Effective Connectivity for Business-Critical Applications

As new business applications, visitor connectivity, and connected devices take up more of your bandwidth, critical functions can slow to a crawl — and that’s not good for business. KORE provides a wireless data solution designed with your essential applications and budget in mind. Get the connectivity boost you need to handle today’s digital business.

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Carrier-Grade LoRaWAN Powering the IoT

LoRaWAN works best utilizing long-range connectivity for low power consumption, and can also be utilized by public, private, or hybrid networks. KORE provides a full set of services to efficiently manage LoRaWAN device deployments and communication between your end devices (sensors) and application servers. Our SDP provides you full control and visibility on how you want to manage your devices and message delivery.

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The Fastest Way to Get Resilient Communications
KORE helps customers build transformative, integrated, advanced connectivity strategies that lay out the vision and plans to achieve strategic IoT goals for now and in the future.

The right IoT data plan for any application

With plans from 24 global carriers and counting and a full range of SIM technologies, KORE can help you ensure that you’ve got the full-scale, reliable connectivity you need. With flexible, seamless connectivity managed through one provider, one platform, and one billing and support system, KORE enables your sophisticated connectivity offering.


Expert help to get you up and running fast

KORE offers a full suite of services that are built around decades of expertise and designed to make planning, deployment, and management of connectivity a simple, streamlined process.


Triage, support, and management whenever you need it

Stay ahead of issues, increase efficiency, and minimize your total cost of ownership with KORE Sustainment and Support services. Whether it’s preventing issues from occurring or quickly fixing them when they arise, KORE keeps your IoT communication solutions running smoothly, from endpoint to end of lifecycle.


Ensuring you stay ahead with the next generation of IoT technology

Leveraging nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE simplifies the complexity of IoT with complete, global IoT management capabilities. We enable your IoT vision with seamless execution and a constant focus on maximizing the return on your IoT investments.

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